24 July 2016

Comedy Central just happened

Well. I hit a milestone in my life and comedy career. I was one of the comedians hand-picked by Comedy Central Asia to represent the region in their first ever Asia-production called Stand Up Asia. It was a blast, I got to meet my comedy family from around Asia and basically represent good ol' Hong Kong.

I've finally had a chance to sit down and "rest" after a week-long of shows and gigs and work and a lot of lack of sleep. So I'm writing this half-zombie half-human.

Well the cool thing is, this coming week my schedule isn't packed but I have a lot to get done, so I'm looking forward to getting enough sleep (me lack of sleep is the 2nd biggest killer to my productivity).

Anyway, it's going to be a crazy next 10 days but once I get through it, I'm going to get to enjoy a whole new point in my life and then a few weeks later I get to board a cruise ship for gigs and well, buffet's the ocean and ...buffets again.

Did I tell you that I'm literally sore everywhere because I worked out 2 days in a row with absolutely no foam rolling or stretching after and oh my god, I can feel it. I can feel it bad.

Hopefully tonight's sleep will fix things up :)

Well rather than me randomly rambling, going to end this entry here and get on with my stuff before I call it an early night and crash head first into my pillow.

Happy 10 days ahead and looking forward to what the 2nd half of this year has in store for me!


Anonymous ZEMİN ETÜDÜ said...

thanks for it. Cool! zemin etüdü

01 August, 2016 18:31  
Anonymous Alistair said...

Is it all that cracked up to be living on a cruise ship mate? Free booze, food and all the close quarters with women?

08 August, 2016 05:56  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Ahahah nah it's not really. It's more like staring at the sea for 4+ days and too many buffets and mostly 60+ year old guests.
But I enjoy it a lot, a mini vacation for moi.

08 August, 2016 10:28  
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