06 November 2016

I'm one of those WOD people now?!

OK, so I'm still on the ROMWOD program and quite enjoying it. Is it helping? I haven't really measured properly but so far so fun. What I am doing is reading and absolutely loving the book Practical Programming for Strength Training. It's completely blowing my mind away with information and putting a lot of the stuff I read online/in magazines to shame. I mean, there is a lot of overlap but the main mind blowing aspect is the author's differentiation of "Training" and "exercise". And it makes sense. Going to the gym to lift weights etc. is exercise. Training is about working towards a particular goal and setting all the aspects of your workouts to work towards that goal. I mean, sure, "get huge" is a goal, but I'm talking about a specific goal as in "gain 2 inches on my arms" and then making everything work around that, your training, your diet, your rest, etc.

Oh and I just came back from 2 shows in Kuala Lumpur at Live House. Always fun going there and meeting my fellow comedians, eating a shit tonne of food (and regretting it the next day). But this time I went around the city myself for a day just to explore and I got my bearings right. Now that I've been here a few times, I know the main area quite well...sure this is still just a small dot of what KL is made of but it's still good enough for a foreigner.

So now that I'm getting older, I'm finding either I'm unable to eat as crazy and as much as I did before, or I just have that "I'm done with that phase" factor in my life.... now, a day of crazy eating and I'm already "ok, give me my fruits and vegetables"....ahaha I would have never imagined that day would come!!

But ultimately what I want to say is, this blog is almost 10 years old and man if you asked the 10-year-ago me where I'd be in 10 years.. this is definitely not where I expected. It completely surpasses what I would have thought. So the lesson is, don't have a future plan? Aahah no, have a goal but make sure you evolve with it. My goal was constant improvement, vague enough for it to happen, but I had mini specific goals during this time that kept me on track and kept me going. And voila, here I am.

Oh and one of my goals is to get the latest Doom and go nuts playing it. But that is only to happen when I build a new PC next year (yay another goal!)

Alright, gotta get off the train so happy 10 days guys!


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