15 December 2016

The end of the year, let's make next year awesome feeling

Hello everyone. So we're nearing the end of 2016 and I'm going through this "oh let's end with a bang and start with an even bigger bang" mood. Got to say, I've learned something new about myself this year -- when I have too many loose ends in my life, if they don't get tied up within say a month, I lose a lot of motivation to deal with them and that item that wasn't finished, now becomes an item in my to do list graveyard. I bet a lot of people have something similar, but for me it's an conscious decision to throw away that item mostly because I have my never-ending to do list and eventually the value of that particular thing I wanted to do fades away as new things replace it.

I've also come to realize that it's really myself that plays the biggest role in what I do. I mean, this year has had me go through some rough patches, some new territory and a lot of burn out moments. To the point I still haven't figured out when it is I'm nearing burn out, but I have figured out when I am burnt out. Like last night, when I got home, literally everything felt like a chore. But good thing is, I realized this and knew the only thing I could do is wait it out and also take those items that were burning me out and either deal with them or throw them away. In this case, it was my messy room. Over the last few weeks, after building my new rig, my room was a haven for boxes because I needed to go through the packaging, manuals, etc. and sort them out.

Finally, after using this mess as a perfect outlet for me to vent out my burnt out mood, my room is back to 90% normal.

So I guess every now and then, you just got to acknowledge your situation and either back off or face it head on, rather than just feel helpless/hopeless.

Speaking of situations, I got featured in a recent infographic.

So hey, check it out if you're looking for a little inspiration or end of the year ideas. Otherwise play where's wally and see if you can find my little quote :)
The graphic was created by the folks at Invoice2go.

Either way, happy holidays!


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