30 November 2016


Woah, I've been so busy I don't even have time to use spaces in my title (insert canned laughter here).
Well it's that time of the year when my madness begins. Though I'll admit, I love the crazy time, but I'm also going to admit that I'm getting old. Oh man, after sitting here all day getting back on track and working on things non stop from 11am, at around 8pm, my brain was fried.

Have I finished everything? Nope.

Can I leave the rest to tomorrow? Double nope.

How am I going to survive? By realizing survival is not an option, it's mandatory :P

So I had to send in my Surfacebook for repair and basically reload a lot of the stuff I had, luckily things are quite streamlined so I could get it up and running fairly quickly (not to mention using remote dekstop, synchronized keyboard/mouse makes things a heck of a lot faster.

And while I was at it, I have decided it's time I replaced my current computer and also my current monitors with brand spanking new ones. First of all my monitors have works very, very well for me. They had a heft price tag before but man did they last long. One of them is nearing 10 years old!

And my computer is reaching the 5 year mark and well, it's still very functional but I could use the upgrade so I figured why the hell not. It's time.

Speaking of "it's time", I have a fight event in 2 days and I'm just recovering from a bad case of flu/sore throat..still quite flemmy, but man I hope I'm better within 48 hours. Mostly because I hate messing up fight night events, and because this time it's going to be televised as well so an extra yikes to add to the mix!

On another note, thanks to black friday and cyber monday, I am the proud owner of many new games (which I plan on playing during Christmas once things are over for me for the year!) and one of them is my long awaited DOOM. I don't even want to start it because if I'm making a new set up, I'm going to load it up so I can play Doom at its maximum quality settings. It's all-or-nothing baby!

So yeah, now begins the count down of ticking through my to-do list and getting through my gigs. Have to say, this year's gigs have been all going very well, just got 2 tough ones because I'm struggling a bit working out the comedy element into those, otherwise, hopefully 2016 will end with a kick ass bang as compared to the tough start it gave me.

Anyhoo, happy last month of the year everyone! Power through and party on!


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