27 January 2017

It's that CNY break time!

Well today's the last day before Chinese New Year and this is my favorite time of year, mostly because it's like the 2nd new year of the year! So like 1 Jan is like a soft-launch for the year and this is the official launch.

Well so far, Jan has been a whirlwind already for me where I've seen myself supercharged with motivation for the new year, making awesome 22-day streak of meditating with headspace, playing games like Batman Arkham Knight (which is fantastic!) and basically going on and off track with my fitness. So I had a killer streak until I kind of burned myself out and had to take a few days off because I got sick and was tied up performing at the 16th Macau City Fringe Festival. But all in all cool stuff.

And today, I find myself getting back on track as I prepare for the last day of everyone being alive before the city pretty much shuts down for 4 days and I get to just slow down, wind down and get ready for the rest of the year. Time to make it awesome.

So for everyone out there who felt like the year hasn't been going well, this is your fresh start. And for everyone else who has had 2017 kicking off to a great start, consider that rehearsal and this the real deal.


Anonymous Alistair said...

Headspace meditating & yoga - you're so zen.

29 January, 2017 00:20  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...


29 January, 2017 11:51  

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