11 February 2017

Woah that's a lot...

So it's February and today, today I'm burnt out. I think it's my 2nd burn out day of the year so far. And we're just in the middle of Feb 2017!? But to be honest, this time it doesn't feel like a frustrated burn out but a really fruitful one. From looking back at the last few weeks to seeing what I've already accomplished in the year so far, at least I'm not feeling tired and empty, but exhausted and satisfied (though I would love to have a bit more gas in me to get through a few more items for the day).

In case you missed it, the G-1 Fight Club show I was on is now available on Youtube, so you can check it out here (no idea if it's the official channel):

It's all 13 episodes of Season 1 and it's still great to watch even though I was there live and I saw every episode when after it aired.

Another cool thing is I got to speak at my secondary school at TEDxDBShk last night and man, thank goodness I did alright and didn't end up getting detention for what I said :P No idea if they'll put the video of the talk up but I'd love to keep a copy of that, could very well be my last TEDx talk before I go completely bald...

So how are things for 2017 for you so far? I have to say, other than eating a bunch of junk food (because I either do that when I'm in a really bad mood or really good mood and this time it's because of good mood), the year has been going well for me. Not to say it's been easy but at least it hasn't been beating me up every other day. I'm actually fairly excited nowadays which is wrecking havoc in my sleep quality because I'm excited to wake up again, which was what I was like when I started my business like 10 years ago. Not to say I wasn't exited after that, but it was not like this where I'd go to bed thinking "is it morning yet!?"...

Either way, enjoy the next 10 days and if you're into it, Happy Valentine's day, and if you're not, happy yet another day where everywhere with a heart sign is stupid expensive.


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