27 August 2017

10.5 years with a typhoon 8!

Oh man, 2 typhoons in a week? Hong Kong, what is going on?! But hey, it's Sunday so a T-8 doesn't help too many people...
Anyway what's up! I just finished watching the Connor MgGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight and I loved it! Floyd won but what I loved was Connor's attitude at the end when they asked him. I can so relate to him, he was just grateful to be able to experience this whole thing. Win or lose, he won in his world and if I were him, chances are I'd feel the same way, especially when he said he's been choked out on live TV and come back.

Anyway, so another 6 months and boy oh boy has so much happened. My hunt for a flat happened and completed. I am the proud owner of a new flat and it's currently being renovated. My mom and me have been going crazy (a good crazy) trying to learn everything about interior design and decoration and man we feel like we've become semi professionals! We often find ourselves going to places and studying what they did for their interior decoration. It's quite fun but man it's mind numbing, like it saps so much of your energy thinking of different ideas, scenarios and functions. However, I am getting really anxious about the whole thing, we're pass the half way mark so now it's just a matter of finishing things off and making the final move.

So that's the biggest thing in the last 6 months, otherwise I've come to realize and reconfirm that my life is always at a constant level of 2 items at a time. As in I have quite a few interests/passions/goals in life and they include:
  1. Comedy
  2. Fitness
  3. Gaming
  4. Drumming
  5. Web design
And the more I look at my history the more I realize at all times, I can only grow in 2 of these items at a time. For example, in the last 6 months, a lot of my comedy career has soared and I've been busy with a few big web projects, and due to that, my fitness level has gone down (lack of workouts + eating badly), I've not gamed in a long while (mostly because by the end of the day, mentally I'm quite burnt out) and drumming, well drumming has been in off-mode for a while. But I bring good news, we plan on having a little corner in the new house where I can finally open up my drum kit (pray it still works!)! Woot woot woooooot!!!

What I have learned is that I very rarely go out of these 5 items and it's mostly a matter of trying to avoid spending my time on items other than these. One of my biggest time burners is commuting and meetings. Meetings are often out of my control and commuting can be improved by throwing money at it and taking things like taxis. But that's never been my solution. I'm not the guy to just throw money at a problem if it solves it. Well the good thing is, this new place is like 3 minutes away from the gym, which basically means I cut out my 15 - 20 minute walk to the gym daily, basically earning me approximately 30 minutes a day, which in turn can be a quick workout if I find myself too busy or too tired to go for a full one. Ah there we go!

On the other hand, the last 6 months has also helped me cement the idea that our comedy crew Viveknfriends has matured and it's time we broke out of using my brand name as a spring board for everyone. So we've decided to go with the name Hall of Laughs 爆笑館 which I'm super excited about. We're also going to have a Laugh Festival in October to kick start this brand and hopefully start a new trend for Cantonese comedy! Fingers super duper crossed!

So a new place, a new comedy brand and hopefully a new lease on my (fitness) life! These last 6 months have been more about internal growth than external which is the perfect compliment to the year. We're heading into the busy season of gigs and I just had a crazy (but good) one last night so that's a perfect way to kick things off and I've got another one tomorrow, so here's to these upcoming 6 months allowing me to simultaneously grow in 3 aspects of my life and eventually figure out how to do 4 at the same time before achieving 5. Time to level up! I have 6 months to do so!

Oh and 6 months ago I wanted to revamp my funnyvivek.com website, still work-in-progress lol.


Blogger Daniel K said...

amazeballs! This time last year I became a proud owner of a townhouse in SYDNEY!

28 August, 2017 00:25  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

woot woot! Owning something concrete is na interesting feeling

28 August, 2017 12:19  
Blogger Daniel K said...

was just thinking number 8, must be your lucky year!

28 August, 2017 13:04  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

wont consider it lucky, just a surprise but the work remains constant...just...delayed lol

28 August, 2017 15:30  

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