12 August 2017

It's on! It's 43" on!

Well, well, well, I finally did it and got me the DELL p4317q 43" monitor to soon be mounted on my wall. I've been looking back and forth, researching, thinking of the pros and cons and finally today, I did it.
What I never realized is how heavy and big the whole package is!! OMG, just lugging it down a flight of out-of-order escalators and I was re-thinking my decision. OK so maybe I wasn't but it was a tough workout especially since I had a big puffed up back pack that would make it hard to avoid hitting either the monitor box or my bag against the sides of the single-way escalator.
Nonetheless, I made it home in one piece, but after a long day I think I'll have to leave opening it up and testing/setting up to tomorrow when I have a bit more mental energy.

So how has everyone been doing? For a very drastic change, my schedule this past week has been very, very gentle on me, to the point I look back thinking "are you sure you're not missing something?". I mean, I had time to literally do nothing and just muck around on the internet (which of course is also why I finally convinced myself about this monitor because I had time to convince myself about it lol).

Oh, I went to watch The Big Sick last week, and I must say, I highly recommend it. Maybe it's that I've not gone for a proper movie in so long or that it was really a pretty damn fun piece of entertainment, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it! So yeah, check that out.

I also just came back from MC-ing Make-A-Wish Hong Kong's annual Summer party and got to be the Shark King for their underwater themed party and man it's so refreshing and fun to do gigs for young kids. I could be silly and feel just normal! I highly encourage this, whether it's through volunteer work or actually working somewhere where there are a lot of young kids (provided it's related to them being happy kids like parties or parks) and it'll take years off of you (effect lasts only for a few hours but still...)

But the cool thing is, the rest of my August isn't insanely packed, it's busy but not enough to make me go "oh man, who knows when I'll have time to just relax and do nothing".

I've also finally also changed up the music I listen to on Spotify while I'm working, though my workout music has yet to change, somehow what I listen to just works mostly because my brain is used to those songs so I don't end up being distracted in the gym actively listening to the song rather than working out. Oh and I'm also finally back on track with my fitness regime again lol...this year has been extra tough for me to stay on track with workouts...fingers crossed.

Well got another 10 days of CRAZY HEAT to endure, man I could use a cooler weather change, I'm really getting tired of sweating so much on a daily basis. But last time I checked it was November before the weather went cool....poof, 2.5 months to go.

But I bet when it's super cold I'll be thinking "man I was so much more limber in the summer..now all I want to do is remain a statue"....you can never win.

Anyhoo, happy 10 days, lets make this August an awesome one!


Anonymous Alistair said...

You must live in a mansion mate to have a 43" monitor. Isn't that a TV?

15 August, 2017 08:14  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

It's not a mansion but 43" is insane! I finally got my cables sorted yesterday and could load up Batman Arkham Knight at 4k resolution.

Actually when you go into shops and see stuff like 100" it makes you wonder "why aren't people just sitting closer to their 55" TVs?"

15 August, 2017 11:04  
Blogger Daniel K said...

wasn't wearing glasses and thought HK had hit 43 degrees! Well FYI it hit 46 degrees once in Sydney!

20 August, 2017 04:03  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

46!? Woah...but man 43 here with the humidity would finish you off.... it'd be all over!

20 August, 2017 12:41  
Blogger Daniel K said...

yeah come on over to Sydney during the summer and experience it!

21 August, 2017 16:56  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

There are times in life when ignorance is bliss :P

21 August, 2017 22:01  
Blogger Daniel K said...

I know. Facebook deactivation/hibernation is bliss!

22 August, 2017 03:44  

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