23 August 2017

Typhoon 10 in da kong!

So Hong Kong got to experience our strongest typhoon in a long time and that means 90% of HK got the day off to stay home and stay safe. I have to say, we all hoped for a T8 typhoon but to get T10 was a bit much. This one had a lot of destruction and I just hope no one got seriously injured in their exciting adventures to embrace the winds. There are a bunch of videos circulating of the destruction the typhoon has done

But on a brighter note, things are calm now and that means no one will need to go to the office since it's already 3pm now and even if they put the signal down, you have to get to work within 2 hours of the downgrade so that means people get the day off. Well I say people as in the office-hours people. The security guards or 7-11 staff are not going to enjoy much of this as they have to get to work and deal with any issues that have occurred.

Well things have been absolute madness so this typhoon feels more like a supplement than a surprise based on the whirlwind of things I've been having to deal with. I didn't realize how tired I really was until I just allowed myself to sleep in and ended up getting like 9 hours of sleep straight up.
OK so not really straight up but more like 6 hours with a 30 min break to check the typhoon status and also get the new Spooky Horror Humble Bundle. It had Alien Isolation which I'd been waiting to get and well at US$6.50 for that game and the rest, you can't go wrong. But the thing is, will I get to play this game today? I'm pretty damn sure no. I got so much to catch up on but I figured heck, the day will come when I get to just sit back and game for a day. And that day is usually the last week of December when everyone winds down and gigs are switched to a minimum. Oh days when I was young and I could game daily, you were good times. And oh self-discipline, you are a necessary evil!

Well here's to the next 10 days being good ones and maybe gaming ones to a certain extent and I'll keep my eyes peeled to see if anything else is reported about the typhoon's doings.


Blogger Daniel K said...

lol how appropriate given my surname. Well fortunately we don't get that sort of weather here but the stuff I've seen on whatsapp/wechat is just funny?! well... not haha-funny but mmm-funny?

24 August, 2017 03:39  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

As long as no one gets hurt, it's like watching a movie really.

24 August, 2017 11:22  
Blogger Daniel K said...

free special effects! Why is it so boring down under?

24 August, 2017 19:10  
Blogger abo-bder said...

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