26 November 2017

Insight into the unknown

Going to have to say this, but I've spent the last 24 hours trying to think, look into and wrap my head around a lot of new things in my life. I've hit a point where I noticed I was sinking into my old ways of going crazy with work and work only and feeling worried about how time is slipping by and took the day today to think it through in my head.

Let's just say, when you become a workaholic, you end up thinking of your whole life as a to do list and time and time again I've had to catch myself in this position and remind myself that I need to stop and smell the roses as well, not just constantly plant and maintain them.

So how has life been treating you all so far? I spent a few hours today locking myself down and gaming. Yes, I know this seems insane that I have to force myself to game but it actually does happen to me. I genuinely love my work but it also drives me up the wall because I forget when to stop. Then the Steam sales come around and I thihnk "ooh I want to play this" and of course, 2 months later, the game is still in my library untouched. Well, the good thing is, I've accepted that even free time/fun time needs to be scheduled for me. I can't expect myself to "once I finish this stuff, I'll be free" because time and time again, this is not the case.

Oh and for everyone who has been following me, you'll know the end of November is when I start my pre-new year's resolution and figure out what I want in the next year. Well this year it's going to have to be delayed by 10 days till my line of gigs finish. I love the fact that I'm so busy but I also hate the fact that I'm getting a bit too busy for my own sanity because I can feel I'm bordering on burn out at many times (which is why I had to just make myself game and get my mind off of reality lol).

Well we're 20 minutes before midnight and I'm hoping to get most of my life sorted by midnight so I can lay in bed and play me some Darksiders 2. I'm also playing The Wolf Among Us because after playing Batman - The Telltale adventures, which absolutely blew my mind with how much I loved being Bruce Wayne for a change, I just got back my love for adventure/story games like these. Oh how I miss those days of Monkey Island and sitting for hours trying to figure out a puzzle.

Fear not, the kid in me is still  alive, but hopefully it won't let the adult me drown it out with work and responsibilities.... well 19 minutes to go, so enjoy your next 10 days! Lots ahead for me so the next entry hopefully I'll either be totally cuckoo or have achieved zen :)


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