08 January 2018

Body combat or come back?

Happy new year everyone! How you all doing? How are all those new year's resolutions coming along? And how many of them have you come to terms with that they're just not going to happen?
So far things are kind of OK. I'm struggling again with work backlog (already!) but otherwise same ol' same ol'. I've been taking a bunch of Yoga classes which have been interesting. The 1st one I took was quite relaxing, but the 2nd one was like a hot room with a series of poses and for 90 mins! So that was some intense endurance both physically and mentally....but it set the bar high for me and every other class I've taken feels a bit sub-par to what I was expecting. Quite interesting I must say. I've never been a group class guy but it's a different game where you go in for the class and just follow. I do sometimes find myself trying to understand why I'm doing certain things but at the same time I tell myself to give it a chance and see what happens afterwards, how I feel.
So far it's only that HOT room class that has made me go woooooooooooo after the class.
OK Woo mostly because my cold shake felt so extra good! Ahaha

Otherwise, if you don't already know, one of my new hobbies is playing fighting games and so far it's been Street Fighter V. Enjoying it but I have a long, long way to go to be anywhere good enough to play against seasoned gamers.

But so far 2018 has started off... OK. Like I can't say it's been OMG SMOOTH!! But not like omg, really, this is really happening to me?!?%@%!Q?$!Q%! But more like hmm it's a new year? Feels like the ship is just sailing as usual.

I've got a whole bunch of plans to take my comedy life to a new level this year and so far a video I uploaded of one of my bits about English Listening exams in Hong Kong has gone viral, so I suppose that's a good start to the year in a way?

But heck, I usually try to avoid getting too excited because honestly, a new year is more a mental thing than an actual thing. It's another day, we just write 2018 instead of 2017 :P And heck, I've experienced a new year 35 times already, so I suppose I kind of get it.

Well here's too a great start to everyone or at least a smooth sailing for the next 10 days. I'll catch you later!


Anonymous Alistair said...

I would focus on being a professional Street Fighter player.

14 January, 2018 09:42  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

bwahaha you and me both buddy. But the more I play and the more I learn the more I realize there's so much to the game lol. Like playing chess, very easy to pick up, very hard to master.

14 January, 2018 12:08  
Blogger damion said...

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