28 December 2017

Ack sick at the wrong time

So last night, ol' yours truly decided to enjoy some old pizza + ice cream before sleeping just because and woke up this morning puking his lungs out. I'm still half awake and dizzy in the head from all this and everything I try to eat seems to slip right through me into the toilet bowl. And out of all the days, I had a packed day today...ah crap. I even have my first night of our Facebook live crossover with booom.hk and well I have to somehow peel myself out of my bed and go there..ack.

Well good before-the-year-ends lesson for me: Don't think I'm invincible (Especially my stomach!). Better getting sick now than on 1 Jan! :p


Anonymous Alistair said...

Sweet and savoury don’t mix,

01 January, 2018 10:34  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

That wisdom is 4 days late :P

01 January, 2018 11:04  
Blogger Daniel K said...

Everything mixes in the stomach. While I was in hospital, I mixed everything they gave us into some magical potion - jams, margarine, salt and pepper and everything under the sun, it turned out interestingly sweet. The colour not so good... just like 屎水!

01 January, 2018 17:03  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

aahhaah, hmm I guess that's why the turn the lights so low in restaurants so you don't notice the color of their crazy mixed food

02 January, 2018 13:00  

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