07 February 2018

Well 2018, you're here already?!

So it's February of 2018 and I have to admit, this year has been zooming by so fast I can't believe we're 1 month into the new year...so much has happened in just the last month, my life has gone upside down, back to normal, spinning etc... I hope it's been kinder to you.

Well I've kind of settled that this is the year I close up my web business and dedicate the rest of my time (which was around 10% left in my web stuff) to comedy and developing both my career and the comedy scene in Hong Kong. The whole of Asia is exploding and I'd hate to see Hong Kong get left behind.

But other than that, it's been the same ol' madness as usual. Just that everything for some reason became super urgent at all times. If you know this chart:

you'll know that the worst thing to happen is to have things that are urgent and important at the same time.. that pretty much summarized most of my January. I've been trying to force myself to just go away from my work by gaming since I knew once I get the ball rolling I'd let my brain get engrossed in the game for a whole hour...but man this is crazy that I have to force myself to game.

But the good news is, we're in the final throws of all the madness, but the bad news is I'm going to be traveling quite a lot starting the end of February...got a tour of shows in India, then a cruise ship week, then a whole month in Melbourne for their comedy festival. So the next time I get to sit at home and go "no plans on leaving here" is literally May. We're just starting Feb!

Oh don't get me wrong, this isn't me complaining, I wouldn't have it any other way, it's more like me taking a step back and going woah..this...is...quite a ride.

So how is your ride so far for 2018? I hope those resolutions, if not all, at least haven't completely faded out. I'm getting back on track with things and I'm trying to work out my diet so I don't end up fueling myself badly and affecting everything down the line. When I'm stressed, I forget how much food can influence my day, energy and mood and it kind of hurts me back when I end up being tired and grumpy because I didn't have enough energy and motivation to do what I needed to do.
The vicious cycle.

I guess it's quite interesting because the more I do my thing and the more I get challenged to maintain this optimum condition, the more I realize how I'm where I am because of years of training and discipline, not just a matter of "I work hard". It's one thing having that mindset, but it's a whole different thing implementing that mindset in the real world, especially when you work for yourself, the sky's the limit and you have to realize that you ain't never going to reach the sky, but the point is to have it as your goal.

Well here's to everyone going towards their goals even if they don't reach it...anytime soon. I got a lot of great things in store for this year and I just need to make sure I don't let the tarpit that is reality pull me down and slow me into a ditch. Well, let's see, maybe by the time May comes by, I'll miss my time on a plane and out of Hong Kong?


Anonymous Alistair said...

And then at one point you will be like me and stop gaming altogether.

It's called getting old.

10 February, 2018 23:27  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Stop gaming altogether?! OOh, well it has happened to me for a while.. but I've kind of made it very "easy" for me to game....this is how crazy it's gotten for me, I actually have to make it convenient for myself to game before I actually would :P

Well it worked, I ended up gaming for 5 hrs today... needed the break from reality :P
Played a game called DUNGEONS 2...because it's a remake of a super classic game I loved growing up called Dungeon Master.

12 February, 2018 01:09  
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