19 May 2018

The burn

Oh it's hot here in Hong Kong. Anyone who knows Hong Kong summers knows it bit about the temperature or the sunshine on your skin that kills you. It's the humidity that wraps itself around you that'll burn you out.

It's been an absolutely insane last 10 days.. My Instagram is going strong and my habit to "create" is going well. Not 100% perfect but enough to motivate me to actively try to document my life rather than just dust it into folders on my drives.

I head off to Macau tomorrow for the volleyball event and right now my schedule is pretty much full until the end of May. How is this possible? One way or another I just somehow find ways to fill my schedule on a weekly basis! I guess it's just what happens when you've been running your own business and realize if you don't actively keep things going.. You start slipping.

I was at a career talk today followed by thr TEDxHSMC and then headed over to ymca for a youth workshop on communication skills.. By now I literally don't want to speak anymore.

I'm so ready to sleep but I already know the next 10 days are going to be hectic.. So perhaps a cup of coffee instead?

Do you guys resort to coffee at crunch time? Or what's your "poison" to deal with a crazy schedule?


Anonymous Alistair said...

Summer? I thought it was still spring. I advocate espresso and baileys. Get a double hit.

22 May, 2018 07:52  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

bwahaha, well I've done bailey's + vanilla ice cream and a few iced mocha's here and there. Otherwise, I'm doubling the air-conditioning ;)

22 May, 2018 13:16  
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