20 June 2018


Well it's World Cup fever everywhere in town and rightfully so. I'm writing this as I keep peeking at Morocco vs Portugal and I've got to say, for someone who isn't a fan of soccer in general, this world cup has been mighty entertaining. I mean, I'm Ok with not watching the matches, but once you start, it does keep you hooked. I'd always said it's such a slow paced game but I guess the tension of maybe this will be a goal is actually quit exciting!

Woops, sorry stepped away for a few minutes to watch the match. So how have things been? I went through a tough phase these last few days, a real roller coaster of of my mood. There are days you are so burnt out, nothing interests you. Oddly with me, when I'm burnt out, the only thing I'm interested in is getting stuff done. I've come to realize that when I have a long to do list, it's as stressful as having a looming deadline I'm not sure if I can meet. I guess it's the idea that I could eventually get overwhelmed if I don't tend to these items on my list.

And we're back (this match is very distracting ahha).
But good thing is I got to spend most of Monday just tending to my things and went down to a manageable number. We're down into the middle of June which means we need to get into preparing for September's Laugh Festival. So far so good, I just need to finish going through the applications with the rest of the organizing committee and then we get on with sorting logistics, marketing and basically making sure things work out.

Speaking of working out, I was so mentally not there last week that I couldn't even work out right. My brain just couldn't convince my body to exercise properly but thankfully today I got a proper workout that felt right.

So lesson of the last 10 days, try your absolute best to avoid getting into a place of feeling overwhelmed. And remember that soccer is quite exciting :)

Happy World Cup season everyone! Let's see who ends up being the champs this year!


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