11 July 2018

It's so hotter!!

OK so I guess every time it's time to write in my blog, I end up whining about how hot it is... well that's the thing, it's really hot! And I'm actually sun burnt (sure the photo's been exaggerated, but I'm actually burnt from the Make-A-Wish Foundation's Wish Carnival that happened on Sunday. Have to say, being around kids is awesome and makes you feel young again, up until they leave and you sit down realizing you're crazy tired from all that energy you spent to keep up!!!

So how are things guys? I managed to hit ZERO INBOX (emails that is) which, if you've been a follower, will know is a BIG BIG DEAL to me... am I less stressed? Well a bit, not in proportion to what I should be knowing I have no emails to deal with. Why? Because my to do list is pretty big, not in number of tasks but in the workload of each task! We're putting together the Laugh Festival this year and I've been tasked with putting together the shows, sorting out acts and stuff and I must say, this is some crazy work but it'll all pay off once the festival is on and I'll look back at this day with a smile knowing I have this story to talk about one day to my grand kids, or pets, or a drying wall.

So the last 10 days has been pretty intense, my mom is in India so I've been on my own which has made me shift my work schedule a bit to tend to things she'd normally be in charge of (namely, making sure I have food in my belly). The cool thing is I get to explore around town a bit more seeing what's available and I have a green card to experiment, but the bad thing is it takes up an extra hour of my day ahahah. I've squeezed in my time so much that an hour is like eternity to me really.

On the other hand, I've had to tell myself to start slowing down, I've come to realize I really am not getting any younger and it's times like these I need to be honest with what work I'm doing and which parts of it are the ones that deserve to be kept. I mean it was tough having to accept that I won't be playing drums and giving away my equipment but it was the right choice. In the same way, I don't take on web projects anymore simply because I've hit a point where I don't want to deal with the stress of managing a project of that kind anymore. I mean don't get me wrong, I absolutely love creating stuff from zero but having to keep up to date with the technical aspect of web technologies, let's just say it's not a race I'm up for anymore. On the other hand, I've found a new passion for re-learning my tools for video editing, photo editing and animations. Why? Well because as I can see from my instagram habits, I really do like creating stuff and trying to challenge myself to make something cool that is worth sharing. I mean I'm quite picky with who I follow and information I want to be informed about, I'd hate to waste people's time with generic stuff, after all, that's not how I write my comedy, then why should that be how I create anything?

Speaking of creating, I'll be hosting the Youtube Fanfest HK #YTFFHK again this year which is an honor, seeing as I am not as much of a youtube creator as the others on the line up that night...but at least it's good incentive for me to kick start something I suppose?

So I'm heading to Shanghai for some shows on the weekend of 20 - 22 July, then got my buddy Jason Leong's show coming up on 28 July 2018, then the Youtube Fanfest on 3 August 2018, a show with Clean Air Network on 11 August along with some other stuff then finally the Laugh Festival starting 8 Sept till 1 October...oh man, I am going to definitely need a big big big vacation soon.

Well here's to a crazy 3 months ahead but hopefully this time in 3 months a lot will have improved and I'd have created something epic! If not, web design again then? :P


Anonymous Alistair said...

I thought web design days were over after you made it big.

16 July, 2018 04:10  

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