01 July 2018

It's so hot!!!!

Yes, it's that hot. Seriously, today was HOT! But it was absolutely lovely! It's been ages since I went out with the special lady friend and just enjoyed the sunshine. I really do love spending time in the sun, at least I'm confident I'll be sleeping really well tonight!

But no matter how good the day is, my chores, my emails, my to do list is always there waiting for me back in my room. Speaking of my room, how the hell has it gone from super duper organized to a freaking mess again in just 10 days?!?! Seriously, I think once I get into work mode, any sort of "put this where it belongs" gets thrown out the window and all my brain is thinking is WORK! GET WORK DONE!

Well the last 10 days has been hot but also happening. I got to enjoy quite a few gigs, including my own show at the newly opened (well 1 month old) Tai Kwun! There's something magical about performing to an audience at a semi-outdoor area and having this super duper casual feeling to it.

Well this upcoming week is kinda packed for me as well, especially with the Laugh Festival coming in September and my buddy Dr. Jason Leong popping into Hong Kong for his show "Ambitious" on 28 July 2018!!!

So much going on this month!! The good thing is, my emails are.........near zero! I hit zero-inbox (long time blog followers will know this is a big, big deal to me!) and let's just say I didn't know how to feel when my inbox said "There is no new mail". However, a week later and boom, I'm back to like 9 emails left to sort out and like 30 items on my to do list to process. Ah such is life, much like this insane heat.

Although, I'd rather it be insanely hot than insanely rainy, nothing annoys me more than having soggy socks hugging my feet all day. OK, maybe forgetting to bring my own water with me on a sunny day would annoy me more....hmm.

Alright, back to work guys, happy 10 more days!


Anonymous Alistair said...

Is that a turn of the century tie? It definitely looks pre 2007.

04 July, 2018 08:49  
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