23 July 2018

Ok so I'm starting to really like instagram now, mostly because it helps me look at the world not from a funny point of view, but also from a beauty point of view. Like how can I turn what I'm going to into a photo and summarize my feelings?

So how are things? I've been working hard at writing material while traveling a lot. I was just in Shanghai this weekend doing English shows and we even did a Cantonese show! Yes, I know, Cantonese! After an awesome weekend of shows, the typhoon hits Shanghai and I find myself stranded at the airport...argh!

The last 10 days has seen so much happen, I don't know where to start! So we're 1 week away from Dr. Jason Leong's comedy show in Hong Kong!

The upcoming Laugh Festival has got a packed schedule with shows for 4 weeks and I am nervous but excited at the same time! I have 1 month to get everything sorted and make sure the whole world knows about the festival!!!

Anyway, other than that, my life is getting back on track finally. I spent a good amount of time trying to sort things back in order and managed to get my emails and to do list in order. Of course, my weekend in Shanghai kind of messed things up, especially since I was supposed to get my Sunday to work but found myself sitting on the tiled floors of the Shanghai Pudong Airport catching up on a bunch of netflix shows that I'd been meaning to watch.

My workouts are back baby! Still nowhere close to the fitness and mobility level I was 2 years ago but definitely better than this time last year. At least I'm getting back in my routine and even getting back into Yoga :)

So I told the special lady friend she needs to read The Art of the Start and turns out there is a version 2.0 of the book now! Wahah, crazy! I read the table of contents and it was quite awesome re-reading that and remembering some of the content. The main takeaway is that it made me convince myself that what I was doing would make the world a better place, a mindset you definitely need if you plan on creating something out of nothing.

I've also been noticing that I absolutely love the idea of creating something out of nothing. Like my comedy, or my photos on instagram or whatever, it's just the idea that I could have easily just ignored that and let it be, but I tried to capitalize on what I had in front of me. Like I don't go out of my way to pay money to book a venue just to take a photo or I don't go out of my way to do something just in hopes of turning it into a comedy bit. I guess there's just something I like about being an opportunist. ... yes another thing I learned from the Art of the Start like 10+ years ago when I read it first as I was starting myself in the world of self-employment.

Well, it's 10:37pm and I'm quite excited to see what happens in the next 10 days, I have a whole bunch of different things lined up that will happen or need to get done, who knows what happens after that. Heck in 10 days I'll be rehearsing for my part as the MC for Youtube Fanfest Hong Kong! Woah?! Speaking of which, I really need to find the time to make more videos and get my Youtube channel back on track. In 10 days?

It's on my to do list, but will it get done!? Stay tuned and find out in the next edition of "Let's write out what I can remember happened in my life".


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