14 April 2013

It's rumbling, it's heavy and it's rollin'

Well first things first, I just want to say how refreshing it is to be able to have a Sunday all to myself. I'm looking at the clock and it says 10:22pm, my brain still can't believe it's still Sunday. I hope everyone had a great day, the weather's finally nice and definitely worth enjoying.

Well a lot has happened since my last entry, namely, my dear sister came to Hong Kong! Woohooo! And she's apparently become a powerlifter! Yes exactly, when I first heard/saw photos, I was like "don't give me this crap, you are not squatting 100kg, it's at most 100lb.. and well she has completely proven me wrong by doing a 100kg squat, a 55kg bench press and a 140kg deadlift right in my face. Apparently my sister now holds the record for all 3 categories for the Hong Kong Powerlifting Open categoriy for under 52kg. So er, OK fine, you can have your stuff back and you don't need to get out of my room if you don't want to? :P

My sister brought with her the Rumble Roller. I've always been a fan of foam rolling. But when I saw the Rumble Roller, I was fascinated. And after trying it, I was blown away. Very good stuff. I managed to get my sister to leave it behind so I could play with it. Well I'm currently eye-ing it as I type this, because the next item on my to do list is to do a massage and stretch. Speaking of which, I went for a Chinese deep tissue massage yesterday and I was feeling extra brave and told the therapist that she could go harder on me... and well, 1:30 hr of cringing later, I survived but today my muscles are sore, in a good way. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be good to go again.

I recently watched a documentary called Waiting for 'Superman' that talks about education in America and man, that is quite a dark side to the situation there. I guess I should be quite thankful for my education experience growing up, but then again, I've visited many schools here and similar things do happen in Hong Kong as well. Being the son of a teacher, I've always been taught to better express myself and that learning isn't just about grades, it's about... learning. My parents have always been big education enthusiasts and that was ranked number 1 in our families resource allocation. They'd rather I go to school than anything else. I suppose that's rubbed off onto me so much that if I'm not learning something new each day, I actually feel bad because I've wasted an opportunity to enrich myself. For those of you who are like me, you know that no matter how disciplined and determined you are, there are only a certain number of hours you can concentrate on absorbing new information/knowledge because I'm a firm believer that to ultimately learn something, you have to give yourself time to assimilate the new information. I remember reading a book in university that talked about how things go from information -> exposure to this info -> assimilation -> knowledge and it is only from that can you find new knowledge.

Hmm, speaking of new information, we're already in April and I'm going through my list of ultimate to do's of 2013. So far so good, things are on track except for the learn to just switch off. This has proven to be the hardest part. Well, maybe good ol' rumble roller will do the trick? Let's see, time for a little rollin' and maybe switching off.