25 April 2011

Resurrecting the life of a sun ray from an Easter egg

It's Easter weekend and a very well-needed holiday on my part. The last 10 days have managed to bring me down to my feet again with burn out but much of it for a good cause. I'm filming with RTHK for a new TV program about racial harmony but this time with a twist, where a Chinese person (my girlfriend in the show) is discriminated against by another Chinese person and I'm the cool one trying to bring peace. Interesting twist, and glad to be part of it. But having to be on location at 8am till like 6pm is no joke.

I am literally still burnt out at the moment, 3 days into the holidays but I think 1 more day is what I need and I'll be back in action again. I can only say, these next few weeks are going to be a serious challenge to my endurance but as always, bring it on.

One thing I've finally learnt about myself is that I absolutely love working to RnB music! Been listening to Alicia Keys and Ashanti tracks while working and it definitely keeps the mood up. So I guess I can work to songs with vocals, just as long as those vocals are very musical, rather than too clear. Go figure.

Going to start experimenting with different RnB albums for the next few days, so let's see which artists do it for me and my work. Happy Easter!


14 April 2011

Nothing but net

*swish* goes the basketball as I walk across the basketball courts of this Yuen Long secondary school, on my way to their hall to do a short stand up comedy performance and then have a fun Q&A session with the students. These last few days have been long commutes, lots of music and a hell of a lot of talking for me. It's tiring but very fun going to secondary schools to perform and talk to the kids. Especially since most of their questions are quite silly, like "which do you prefer, Hong Kong curry or Indian curry?" but hey, that's what I'd ask if I were their age!

The only real challenge for me is dealing with this heat in.... pants! I'm ok with the hot spotlights on stage, but man, just being outdoors, roaming around trying to find where I have to go, while melting in the heat is no fun.

But I have to say, the other issue with running around to schools is that it does take up your whole day and when you're done, you're really quite exhausted, mentally. I have to go to places I've never been to so it's quite an adventure for me. My biggest worry most of the time is running late, because it's one thing delaying a performance, it's another thing having to keep 500+ students in a hall quiet while I'm rushing my way to my destination.

And speaking of running around, I'm going to be hosting the very funny Tom Cotter tonight as he starts his week of shows here in Hong Kong. I get excited with these comics because it's always enlightening when I watch these masters at work in person.
I've also started running Chinese stand up comedy workshops in hopes to help inspire and encourage normal people to give stand up comedy a try. Most people I've spoken to often tell me they're interested in stand up comedy, but they have no idea where to start. I'm not sure where I read/heard this but someone told me "the place to start is to start"... it's an interesting concept because it's so true. Very often it's the initial idea of starting that causes the most amount of stress for a person, but once you get going, you often can't stop.
I find myself with that problem at times, especially when I'm doing designs for websites... and when I'm blogging. Tee hee hee. Anyways, on that note I better stop, going to take a short break and get back to work! Big weekend ahead and the next 10 days are going to be challenging (aren't they all?! :P).