27 January 2017

It's that CNY break time!

Well today's the last day before Chinese New Year and this is my favorite time of year, mostly because it's like the 2nd new year of the year! So like 1 Jan is like a soft-launch for the year and this is the official launch.

Well so far, Jan has been a whirlwind already for me where I've seen myself supercharged with motivation for the new year, making awesome 22-day streak of meditating with headspace, playing games like Batman Arkham Knight (which is fantastic!) and basically going on and off track with my fitness. So I had a killer streak until I kind of burned myself out and had to take a few days off because I got sick and was tied up performing at the 16th Macau City Fringe Festival. But all in all cool stuff.

And today, I find myself getting back on track as I prepare for the last day of everyone being alive before the city pretty much shuts down for 4 days and I get to just slow down, wind down and get ready for the rest of the year. Time to make it awesome.

So for everyone out there who felt like the year hasn't been going well, this is your fresh start. And for everyone else who has had 2017 kicking off to a great start, consider that rehearsal and this the real deal.

15 January 2017

Koh sam-more!

Why hello from Koh Samui! Vacation?! Nope, work. I'm on a cruise ship and we're docked at Koh Samui today for half the day, so I'm currently surrounded by 360 degrees of water. This is insane.

I was tempted to go out to look around but after waking up late (I have been lacking sleep for the last 3 days) I decided the ocean view was more than enough.

So how has 2017 been so far? It's been going well for me and I've been keeping quite well on track with all my resolutions except the "eat healthy" part. I'm eating healthy, but I'm also eating unhealthy at the same time, not to mention cruise gigs means buffets for the whole time I'm here. And buffets mean absolutely no-self control.

I don't know if my recent routine of meditating daily has been helping me but I can say I'm sleeping a lot better (well I do still wake up groggy on certain days, but once I'm up, I'm VERY alive), and I'm not sure if I'm able to focus even more than before, but I'm definitely more disciplined (except at the buffet). Also, my daily 1-video-watching at brainpump.net is fun but has yet to inspire any new comedy bits. But still, learned a lot of cool scientific facts and thoughts. Got a 11 minute video about Astronomy to watch in a short while.

Oh and Ive also been gaming a lot more than before, mostly because I am starting to love playing Mortal Kombat X because I'm getting better at the moves and stuff. Got to love the FATALITY kills in the end and their absolutely fantastic animations. I've got it loaded up on my laptop and even brought my gamepad (bwahahah wtf) with me on this trip, which means there will be gaming during these few days.

Oh and lastly before I go and get a little exercise on, if you haven't watched the show EMPIRE, go watch it. It gets really good and if you don't like the story, the music is fantastic. Highly recommended

05 January 2017

201777777777!!!!! What what waht?!

Hey everyone! It's 2017, can you believe it? I'm still getting used to typing that in my dates whenever I write anything, it's one of those weird new years quirks that annoys me until I get used to it, then I totally forget about it. Much like a tight shirt that is tough at first, and eventually your body somehow flows blood in a different way and it doesn't irritate you as much.

So how's all the new year's resolutions happening? So far so good for me, I feel like I'm gone a full circle with everything and now I find myself going back to my good ol' days of watching and learning on Lynda.com, making sure I get my exercise, reading as well as proper eating. Of course, this could go down the drain anytime, but so far so good with keeping track on www.dontbreakthechain.com :)

So this year I've started new things like meditating at nights (using headspace.com), making sure I get a daily stretch (thanks to romwod.com) and learning something new (using brainpump.net), so yeah, so far so good.

The good thing is right now, all this madness is seeming extra normal to me because I've kind of got a proper system down for everything. I've got ol' PLEX and NETFLIX there handling all my TV shows so whenever I find myself commuting for more than 5 minutes, I'm loading up a show to catch up on. Of course, if it's earlier on in the day, I'm usually catching up on reading either my articles/books or ooh la la, comic books!

Speaking of doing stuff while traveling, I'm still an avid follower of Bill Burr's podast and even though there are times I think to myself "shouldn't I listen to an audio book instead?" I find myself going back to his podcast just for a little fun crap to enjoy....

Well 2017 has started off with a real bang, it's a very big contrast to my life exactly 1 year ago and here's to keeping it that way. Got some big plans and things I need to do this year so hopefully, no definitely going to get that done and celebrate about it.

Oh and I finished DOOM and I have to say. Kick. Ass. Now I'm playing Mortal Kombat X ahahah.. trying to learn all the moves and work on my timing :P

And speaking of timing, time for me to get on with my day. Happy new year everyone!