10 June 2015

Singapore round 2 in Arabic!?

Wow! Wasn't I just in Singapore? Well in just over 1 week, I'm heading back but this time for round 2 of SINGAPORE COMEDY FRINGE 2015!
Wahoo, I get to not only hang out with but also watch a whole bunch of comedians from around the region. It's always great because that means a lot of after-show eating of junk food and talking total rubbish....actually, you'll be surprised by the deep conversations many of us have right before we head to the stage to talk about some of the wackiest thoughts/jokes we have :P

So I'm on Asian Tigers and we're putting a line up of headliners! Hosted by Rishi. Woah. This is a heavy weight show! Very awesome to perform alongside these guys. Don't know the running order but honestly, everyone is a headliner! :D

So other than that, the last 10 days have seen me get back to HK, go crazy, suffer some insane cramps on my right leg (which I kinda fixed up with proper massage and rest) and basically me somehow needing late night binges on salty snacks.

Yes, it's been a very mad last 10 days, but with the festival ahead, it's going to just get wackier.

Speaking of wacky, I bumped into an Arabic-speaking Korean/Vietnamese comedian in Hong Kong as he was filming a travel show. He is literally my mirror image in the middle east where he is as local as you get but can totally get away with it because no one would expect him to be able to speak Arabic!

Check him out:

Literally the same deal as me :D
This, was worth a photo.

I bet we have identical stories to tell :P