24 September 2007

Stand up!

Oh that's right! I finally did it! I did my first stand up comedy performance last Tuesday (18 Sept. 2007)!! It was awesome! Ahaha I had a great time, there was a diverse range of comedians from those that talk about personal experiences to others than retell recent news with a twisted perspective! It was fun! I did my usual stupid topics that really are very Seinfeld-inspired, in the sense that they're about nothing. Stuff that is not worth discussing yet funny to hear :)

I'm going to give a shot at Chinese stand up tonight, my material's not that great if you ask me, but I'll see how it goes, I'm not too experienced with Chinese comedy so I don't know what will happen, I can only hope I get the edge of being a foreigner speaking in Cantonese :) I always get that extra benefit. I'll talk about my personal experiences but add a comedic twist to the stories. I'm excited but it's just a matter of time before my nerves start eating away at me!

I started playing The Godfather and boy am I addicted to it!! I can't stop! This is not good! I started on Saturday afternoon because I just wanted to stop myself from thinking about work and stuff so much and now I can't stop thinking about the game!! I stayed up an extra hour last night just playing. This is so stupid :P I love the game tho, freaking exciting I must say.

Life is weird now, I'm having ups and downs a lot recently, things are hectic but coming through, my projects are working out but slowly and I have to really keep an eye on them. Sometimes I wake up feeling like I can't force myself to work, sometimes I just get all excited about being in control of my work! Probably that time of the month again ;). This week will be fun and so will next, got a holiday on Wednesday because of Lantern Festival on Tuesday night. Going to see if I can join the drum jam that night before I head out and meet some friends and light myself up with glow sticks! :) Speaking of which I need to find all my glow sticks today so I don't end up wasting them this year! Stock up on glow sticks on my way home later today.

My drumming's been totally put on hold recently because too much stuff is happening. I've realized once again that it's not a matter of what to do, but what not to do for me. It's cool but discouraging at the same time because I keep trying to find ways to do everything! Anyways, today's day 10 issue is that I am once again overwhelmed with opportunity and so hopefully I'll get more efficient with my work and be able to take better control of my life. I think I just need to finish all my projects now, stop, re-access what I'm doing and then attack. I feel like my old ways of working aren't working well enough for me. Let's see.

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13 September 2007

Lots of new things, too many new things

Time flies when you're having fun or are just busy. Lucky for me, I've been having both so who am I to complain? It's Thursday and it feels like I can't even recall living through Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm mentally fatigued but I'm still charged up enough to live :)

Today may be day 10 but I'll keep it simple this time. Life's not about avoiding the hassles and problems, it's about dealing with it the best you can. Right now I have to deal with a lot of issues both personally and professionally. I'm feeling the strain but I know it can't kill me as much as it may exhaust me. I know today's pain is tomorrow's reward so I can only stay as focused as I can and keep going.

They say, the road to insanity is when you try to achieve a different result from doing the same thing. I've caught myself on the brinks of insanity quite a few times but each time I manage to pull myself back and rethink my strategy which has taught me that it's never too late to evaluate your situation. I'd love to throw everything away and start all over but we all know life's not like that. So here I go for another 10 days before I'll be posting back here and I sure hope I can find the spare time to speak of my progress as a human being. Until then, I wish everyone who has decided to open the door to the unknown by taking better control of their life all the success in the world. Good luck... us!

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03 September 2007

It's September!

Woah! It's already September 2007! In a short while it'll be my holiday and I'll be growing one year older. Man, I still remember this time last year, it was one of the sweetest birthdays I ever had where I finally felt free and ready to live! So what about this year? Well to be honest, today's been one of those days where I woke up and thought it's time I fixed myself as I feel like I've not been working in tip-top condition lately. I've been mentally exhausted to be honest.

I think I just need to stay calm and focused more often than try to do too much because each day I'm realizing it's harder and harder to accomplish the 15784589453861 things I want to get done everyday. I have to just realize that it's not so much a matter of time or money but it's my limitation as a human being that is the biggest challenge to overcome. Many mornings I find myself all charged up and confident today will be a different day where I'll have the energy to do so much, but in fact, 8 hours later I'm pretty much completely burnt out. I guess in a way it also makes me feel good that I've really tapped myself and didn't waste away any effort for the day.

I'm building up work processes for myself everyday now and it's really nice because once I get used to it all, it'll become a habit and then I can loosen up the self-discipline and let the energy of a good habit do the work. I tell you, a good habit is as strong as good self-discipline really if you set it up right. I mean, when I used to go to the gym regularly, it became a necessity rather than a chore. Of course, I stopped for a while and everything started to crumble. I was less focused and energized than before, I felt worse because I'd feel guilty for not going and then I'd look worse too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not those people who need my body to make me feel good, but it's more like I could use the additional good feeling a healthy body can give me :).

Speaking of feeling good. My air-conditioner seems to be dripping again because I think the droppings from the birds that live on it have clogged up the pipe where the water usually run through. Honestly, it is plain irritating because they do that all the damn time! It's not the first time this has happened and it's just freaking annoying because now my room is hot and well every now and then I'll feel uncomfortable and find it hard to concentrate. At the same time, it's good because hey, no one said air-conditioning was ever good for you or the environment so in a way this sacrifice is worth it. And if anything, it'll force me to learn to be more focused and disciplined under tougher conditions.

So what's today's Day 10 topic? Well I think it's the announcement of the beginning of my success. I'm still on shaky grounds, but at least I'm getting used to the shake and I'm able to learn to stabilize myself enough to see straight. Hopefully in 10 days' time the ground will stop vibrating and I'll be kicking ass! :)

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