13 August 2018

Bee Bee Boo Da Dee

Well things are shaping up for me as we're less than a month away from this year's Laugh Festival!
Oh and the mandatory Instagram post to share:

So it's been crazy hot and then suddenly typhoon weekend hits and it's been raining, but the good thing is the weather's a bit more pleasant where I don't find myself melting, just...er...sweating.

Things have been quite crazy for me in the last 10 days, after the YouTube FanFest which was awesome, I had to get down and dirty to work out the marketing plans for the Laugh Festival shows. I can't believe I've gone from comedian to comedian and promoter and designer and planner...aha ah well, all in the journey really.

This is the madness that happened when we started the show. Lots of fun and an absolute honor to be amongst all these top level youtubers!!
Well the cool thing is I've been quite disciplined with my instagram posting so at least I've created another creative outlet for myself...visually. But I have yet to get myself totally on board with other areas of social media, but it's just a matter of time. Heck I'm looking forward to next year's YouTube FanFest, who knows what to expect!

But for now, if you're itching a laugh (and you should be!), go on Youtube and watch some comedy, sit back and treat yourself to 20 minutes of ha ha's and then dive right back into reality.

I'm going to do that right now. See you in 10 days!

03 August 2018

YTFFHK tonight!

And here we are.. August already. I'm on my way for last preparation work before the YouTube FanFest tonight and I'm quite excited (and grateful!) that they liked my work last year so wanted me to host the event this year.

It's mighty hot today and of course as usual, my walk to the train station meant I'm already quite sweated up... Sigh.

Anyway, so how has your middle of the year been? I have to say, looking back at this year I have yet to find a good chunk of time where I've been able to laze around.. Oh and speaking of lazing around, the special lady friend informed me that one of my favorite books, The Art Of The Start apparently has a new edition.. Literally 2.0 lol... So she borrowed it from the library and I skimmed through it and all the memories of what I read like 10+ years ago started coming back.. Poof, heck this blog is proof of that!

Good thing is all the principles I learned are still very much relevant and if it wasn't for books like those I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now.

I still encourage everyone I know to read that book if they're interested in started on a personal project.

So if you haven't read it, please make sure you do! It's a pretty smooth read.

And now I shall smoothly transition to the end of this entry because it's time to switch trains.. And switch gears into MC mode!