15 June 2013

Where is the sond of music

Howdy y'all. Well I'm enjoying the real sound of rain since it's pouring outside. I've been on a music-frenzy lately, trying to find the perfect tunes to get me in the right mood. I've got my gym music down perfectly, namely Chimaira blasting through my headphones. For all you Chimaira fans reading this, put a little money aside because their new album Crown of Phantoms is coming out at the end of July!
Check out one of their songs:
Freaking excited about this album!

Anyway, other than workout, I'm still trying to figure out the best music that suits me for other parts of my life, namely:
  • Creative writing/comedy writing
  • General relaxation
  • Working on my projects
  • Sleeping
Yes, sleeping. I've recently been suffering from some serious insomnia (I think because of the lack of exercise for the past 2 weeks + stresses of life), and I've been reading up on things like sounds to sleep by and others and it's quite fascinating. I've got my WeMo set up so I can turn off my hifi at a certain time, but now I just need to figure out what to play at night. Thinking of ocean sounds or rain sounds, but it's still a test-in-progress. Anyone have any suggestions/experience with this?

Otherwise, things have been roller-coaster recently. Got hit with a fever+flu from exhaustion and eating badly (having spicy hot pot when I'm tired was a bad move...), man it sucks when your whole body aches with pain and you didn't even do anything! But at least I'm back now!

I'll report back how this sound-test goes.
Secondly, I'm also finally consuming the little bottles of aromatherapy oils I got when I went to Bali 2 years go (!). It's quite interesting when your whole room smells like a greenhouse, I can't say if it has a very positive effect on my focus/mood, but it sure livens things up a bit at least (my room normally smells boring, not bad, boring :P).

Well off to check out a few Lounge albums on Youtube and see if anything works for me while working! Have a great 10 days ahead!