18 February 2016

Be humble, hustle hard

Oh my goodness, when I saw this graphic, it totally blew my mind because I couldn't believe I never saw the similarity in both words!
Well, I have to say, I bet there are like 7539570257 people out there who'd probably think "like duhhhh"..but seriously, this is an awesome text/graphic simply because it visually makes so much sense to me and has kind of been something I've been working on this year.

So the last few days have been good. I've been hustling hard promoting my upcoming one-man Cantonese comedy show.
Super excited, super nervous at the same time. It'll be the biggest 4-show run I've had for my own show. I mean I've done bigger rooms than this but 4 shows with 2 shows back to back nightly? That's exciting.

On another note, my fitness has improved a lot...all because I've started doing some shoulder rotation/stability exercises. I can't believe this small thing has been keeping me back so long! %#@%@#Q%!!! Why didn't I think of this?!

Also, I got myself a new pair of shoes, the sexy Nano 4.0 crossfit Reebok shoes

Another new goal of mine this year is to learn all the Crossfit moves. I've got rope climbing down, but not exactly speed climbing. I've got my box jump work and sled pushes all good (of course, nothing's ever perfect). And well, here's to 365 days of this. Let's see how much I can beat up these shoes. My Nike Free 3.0's have served me well and still do but the base is starting to give way...like 3+ years of beating them down....nice.

Anyway, so far the year has been interesting, lots of ups and downs. I'm still struggling some nights with my 12am "stop and rest" rule because some days I'm out and about all day that it's hard to just push everything to the next day.
I have, however, improved my eating. I've become one of those freaks that cooks his own meals ahead and takes it with him wherever he goes. I'm just getting tired of getting hungry and being forced to eat whatever junk I can find nearby.

So here's to the next 2 weeks of crazy promoting my comedy show. Time to fill that room up with people and then hopefully laughter too!

05 February 2016

Time to go bananas

Hey it's my favorite time of the year! Pre-Chinese New Year! Why? Because things literally shut down in Hong Kong. To the point, most shops are closed and the roads are cleared out. You literally have to wind down. Well tomorrow is the last day when you're supposed to clean out your house and well I'm well on my way to clearing out my room. It's been a month since new year's and my room is a mess!

So much has happened, events, gigs, travels, it's been a jam packed January but very fruitful. Learned a lot about my skills, my boundaries as well as my interests.

I've had the privilege of speaking at so many events including Garage Society's Professionals redfined.

Island School's #futurED.

Man at this rate I'm totally get spoilt because I really thoroughly enjoy these sorts of things because I get to take away so many new ideas as well from all the others there!

Oh did I tell you, I went on a shopping frenzy while I was in Kuala Lumpur doing the Stand up for Education 2.0 comedy shows? With the currency exchange rate in my favor, for the first time in my life, I went shopping without looking at the price tags until I paid. Now granted when I paid, I was like "OK, maybe we don't need this and don't need that", but man it's a whole different experience when you just buy without letting price determine if the item is something you want.
Retail therapy, I totally get it. But bankruptcy is definitely a risk in that treatment.

Well it's CNY time and it's the year of the monkey. Everyone is in very creative spirits since the monkey is a mixture of cheeky and fun, so that's what I've been doing recently. Trying my best to just be silly and do weird things every now and then. Tonight as much as I have a tonne of stuff to get done, I'm doing it 5-at-a-time. As in 5 tasks at a time, then I reward myself either with some random snack (the last snack was a scoop of peanut butter...yes I know, that to me is tasty on its own) so yeah I still have time and no idea what the next reward will be. Perhaps a banana?

Anyway, here's to great health, wealth and fun times for the upcoming year ahead!