13 July 2014

Funniest person in the world!!!!

It's on! I am officially representing Hong Kong in the Laugh Factory's Funniest Person in the World competition!
I have to admit it's a pretty weird feeling to know this mostly because this could mean a ticket to both LA and performing at the Laugh Factory (what!?)

So it has been a mad last few weeks with work and also my friend and fellow comedian Tamby Chan got himself married last night and well I have a packed schedule from tomorrow onwards before I head off to Malaysia for a week of shows at The Crackhouse Comedy Club!
Not to mention I'll also be done with filming for a show with Cable TV and another show for RTHK by then so that'll be another load off my shoulders. Have to say, the last time I was filming this much was back in 2008/2009 when I was working with RTHK on the Hong Kong Stories show.

But nonetheless, today is Sunday, I woke up to peace because the construction nearby was silent and I finally have a full day to just work (aka catch up). So here's to everyone who is working super hard and super busy! Enjoy your day, we're passed the halfway mark, so the next thing you know, it's Christmas time! :)