18 July 2011

There is never enough...

There is never enough excitement, happiness, movies, money, food, people, opportunities and my favorite, time. You name it, it's not enough. You find yourself with enough food in your belly at a buffet and you realize  your stomach doesn't have enough space for more. You don't have enough energy because you're busy digesting or something else will not be enough.

Which brings me to something I spoke about in a lecture I gave yesterday at a social service center. It was interesting as they invited me to share some of my methods/ways/techniques of story-telling (stand up comedy is still story telling after all) and at one point, someone asked me what books I liked reading. For anyone who knows me, Art of War is ranked numero uno for me. I then remembered how everytime I read that book (I usually read it once a year), it has a different meaning for me. I told them how the same book gave me new insights because my life was at a different place each time I re-read it.

And then I realized how many things I repeatedly enjoy, even if it's the same exact thing. I'm re-watching a whole bunch of Pinky and the Brain cartoon episodes. I used to religiously watch it on TV while growing up and when I watch it again now (some 10+ years later) I absolutely love it. Sure I know in the end the two lab mice aren't going to take over the world, but that's not the point. It's just entertaining at a different level! I've started going through a bunch of my stuff to see what I can re-experience simply because they are that good.

Another thing I spoke about in the lecture is that there is never a moment you can honestly say you've learned enough. I mean sure when you've been studying for 8 hours straight, that's definitely enough, but to say I know enough about something would be a lie. And that takes me back to this blog, it was my little place to connect all the things I do. I realize how much my drumming influences my comedy, how my comedy affects the way I deal with clients in my web design business, how my web design skills have an impact on the way I see myself, and how the way I see myself ultimately determines the way the world around me is formed.

There is never enough time to waste it on worrying about scarcity. And as many wise people say, 'nuff said.