07 April 2012

The Easter Edition

Well, well, well, it's the Easter weekend and as expected, I've packed myself with a bunch of things I want to achieve in these few days. I guess I get really excited when it comes to such long weekends because I feel like I can finally focus on getting things done rather than dealing with things.

I've decided it's time to upgrade my environment that I work in with more space, I'm planning on changing my monitor stands to monitor arms so my table isn't as cluttered. Luxurious? Yes, but I've started realizing more and more how my environment affects me. Once my table starts getting cluttered, so does my mind and things start to overwhelm me, I get distracted by everything. While I'm working, I will keep thinking about what to do with the papers I have on my desk, whether it's just a notepad (brain will say "I really should put this away") or other items ("Do I need to keep this? Should I scan it? Or file it?"). Heck, even if my computer desktop is cluttered, I start getting distracted.

The most fun part is really thinking about how to upgrade my environment. Do I buy new things? Re-arrange old things? Remove things? It's quite a time and mental-consuming process, but that fresh feeling really does help. I suppose I understand what people have a need to rebrand themselves every now and then. It just brings fresh life to the whole situation. Just like changing your wallpaper on your desktop.

These last 10 days have seen me go from crazy busy, to crazy relaxed. March has been a month of madness but April is actually making sense. These holidays are a blessing and all I can say is, I'm excited (again!). I was actually bored with everything a few days ago (clearly burnout) but now it's like the world has no limits (again! Heh) and I'm ready to rock. The best thing, I never took the traditional route of R&R, I simply powered through everything and listened to my gut. If I really couldn't focus, I'd just accept this reality and deal with it tomorrow. It's a really, really hard thing to do when you know you're basically saying "I have time now, but not the mood so I'll have to make up for this mood tomorrow".. but I suppose it works for me.

So let's see how this excitement goes, I'm anxious as well, but not the fast-heartbeat-nervous-anxious, but more like an impatient-I-want-to-know-how-the-story-ends-because-it's-so-good anxious. Oh well :) Happy Easter! :)