25 June 2017

Damn.. I got new toys...

So my no-new-toys streak was broken a couple of days ago when I encountered a person named Gary and he was clearing out his toy collection at his office/warehouse/studio and well I just had to go in and get a whole bunch of McFarlane, Joker, Terminator and Simpsons toys because come on, they deserve a nice home, not a "all must go" shelf!

Now I'm running through the adventure of researching display cabinets/shelves/lighting to see how I'm going to put all these together.

So how has your last 10 days been? A lot has happened from the launch of Yahoo TV in Hong Kong to our Cantonese comedy night last night.

Got to love the fact that we can produce our whole show from sound to lights! Makes such a big difference when we know the quality of our equipment :)

So things have been super duper insanely crazy lately that today is Sunday and it's super-catch-up-on-my-to-do-list day for me.....
It's actually the special lady friend's birthday today but she's been kind enough to allow me to get my work done so I don't lose my mind when I meet her to celebrate.

Other than that, it's just a very, very packed end of June and beginning July. I get to go do a cruise ship gig from  9 - 12 July which works out as a perfect work X vacation for me. Good thing is we start from Hong Kong and head to Okinawa so I save my time on flights for one leg of the journey.

Lots of exciting things, lots of toys, lots of new plans and lots of awesome things down the line for 2017 for me and the comedy scene here so I hope the next time I'm back typing an entry here, I got more things finalized so I can share them here. But let's just say, the Cantonese scene in Hong Kong is maturing to the point I think more and more people are believing in the idea of stand up comedy being a possible path for their lives :) Woot Woot!

Enjoy the next 10 days, got to go back to my to do list!

12 June 2017

No new toys record.

Well I come with news that even though I have regularly kept updated on newest toys that are being released and also visited a few toy stores during my spare time. I have maintained a ZERO-NEW-TOY record so far. On the other hand, I have increased the amount of mess on my table to the point I'm getting used to it (yikes!).

So how has everything been? I come with good news that I'm finally back to my old cardio level but have yet to hit my strength records as before. Sadly that's not because my progress hasn't been happening, but that I've genuinely been so busy I barely have time to get a proper workout. It's hit that point that I have to squeeze gym time nowadays. But it's all for a good cause, a lot has happened in just the last 10 days and hopefully if all the cards go right, a lot of big plans I've had will happen in the next few months.

On the other hand, I'm currently watching the latest Orange is the New Black now that I've finished watching F is for Family, and both shows are fantastic. They are exactly what I need after I've totally smashed my brain with a day's worth of work. Not to mention Hasan Minhaj's netflix special: Homecoming King. That my friends, that is a fantastic way to tell a great story. I have to say, that's one of those things that I thought I'd watch over many 15 minute segments but couldn't switch off until I finished the whole thing. Bravo dude.

Also, I'm on the last level of Mark of the Ninja. After getting into it, I've really gotten to like this puzzle solving game..they've got just the right amount of challenge to keep it fun but not exhausting.

Lastly, thanks to today's E3 press conference, I am super excited about Doom VFR (although I don't plan on getting a VR device anytime soon) but wahoo!! DOOM in VR DUDE!! THAT IS INSANE!!!!

Which also lead me to make it a day of Doom sound track while I ran around town getting my stuff done before Typhoon #8 hits and everything shuts down. Lucky me I got back home just in time.
Sadly I had to miss my workout because the gym was closed. Oh well, 1st world problems.

And now, I have 20 mins to finish a few more items on my to do list before I take my break and hopefully finish the last level of Mark of the Ninja. Who knows? This typhoon might have come in handy after all.