14 October 2015

Delay no more

Ah man, it really annoys me when time is tight and flights are delayed. So luckily I didn't have a connecting flight but I do only have only half a day back in Hong Kong before I unpack, repack and zoom out to my next gig heading to Vietnam.
Vietnam you say?
Well, technically the gig is on my way to Vietnam. I'm doing a gig on a cruise ship and it's something I've been trying to hook up and now that it's happening, I'm in the I don't know what to expect phase. Part of me still hasn't registered that I'm back in HK, while the other part of me is excited I'm back..

So it's been a great run of overseas shows recently, starting with Adelaide where I got to perform alongside follow Hong Konger Andrew Chu at their Asiafest! Very cool event, very friendly people and very, very tasty food (Australia, you never fail to impress with your fresh food). It was a lot of fun and I even got to do my Cantonese show there! So I can now say I've proudly performed 2 Cantonese shows around Australia! :)
Then I headed to Singapore for the fun time at Comedy Masala and now I'm here. My suitcase is packed with food and other random things I bought on my trip and well, let's just say thank goodness I have the strength to carry this stuff!

Well I have no idea what to expect on the cruise ship but here's to a great new chapter in my adventure as a comedian! Either way, it's good. But I'm looking to make it epic!

Here's to another great 10 days for everyone!