29 December 2012

The end of the world.... not!

Well it's that time again, things slow down and wind down, wrapping up the end of the year. I'm glad the world didn't come to an end, but then again, I suppose it was quite silly to think that, but heck, you never know.

Today, I find myself in Dongguan doing shows before finally ending the year comedy-wise. I'll have 2 days to kind of sort out myself and finish off all the things I aimed to accomplish in 2012 (or before the world does decide to finish itself). I like to review my logs and notes to see how 2012 went. Well last year I tried to better my workload-management so I don't over-work myself and stress myself out. Well, that proved harder than I thought. I can still recall a lot of situations where I just lay in bed quite brain dead after a long day. But heck, one thing i learned is I survived! Ahaha I think the biggest lesson I learned in 2012 is that no matter what happens, the world will keep turning and unless you're dead, life still goes on. Oh and I also learned that I'm still have my addictive personality especially when it comes to playing games. Oh man, my crazy addiction to games like Sleeping Dogs, Max Payne 3 and now Hitman: Blood Money. Yes, thanks to the Steam year-end sale, I got myself hooked on to more stuff. Oh well, I think it's a valid balance to let me just get away from my typical routine of work.

In 2012, I also learned that if I practice my drums for a while (around a week), I'm able to blink my left and right eyes separately. But if I stop my practice for around a week, I lose that ability. Ahaha as they say "use it or lose it".

I also got a chance to watch a lot of great, motivating speeches on Youtube. Like:

I learned more and more about how important it is to get your mindset in the right zone and it's constantly something I have to get myself into when the going gets tough. Heck, even when I'm at a buffet with killer food and I'm stuffed like crazy, I just have to remind myself "you're going to get hungry soon and when you're hungry, you're going to regret not eating one more piece of this"...then I'm motivated to cram in another piece of something tasty... ok well maybe motivation is a double-edged sword.

Anyway, here's to a sharper and brighter 2013 ahead! Happy new year!

11 December 2012

This is going to sound different.

Alright, the end of 2012 is here and usually at this time, my personal goal is to clear all my lingering to-do's and wants and whatever is incomplete. One thing on this list has been the Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 speakers. OK so it's been a while since I saw these and felt the need to have them for my daily audio pleasure. Now don't get me wrong, I know this is purely luxury. Like I literally absolutely do not need these. However, a while back I was tempted to get them and then I made the final decision that it's better I stick with my plain simple speakers.

Finally the whole end-of-the-year-clear-out-my-list feeling came in and I saw this on my list of things to consider and it sparked my desire all over again. This time, I started making all these reasons why this purchase was justifiable. Like how I spend so much time at my computer, it's only right I enhance my experience. How it comes with 2 years' warranty and that its design is clean and minimal, exactly fitting into what I want on my desktop.

I knew it was something I would never get over because even though I'm currently suffering from a pretty bad throat infection (mouth ulcers + swollen throat makes swallowing and eating quite painful), even though I'm constantly dehydrated (yay for pain when I swallow even water) and quite low on energy (literally nothing except yogurt looks appetizing and I've learnt, there is only so much yogurt you can eat in a day), I still somehow have the energy to load up another youtube clip showcasing these speakers.

So finally, today, after having to attend 2 meetings that I really wanted to cancel, on my way home, I kept thinking about them speakers and finally decided I had to go back to the showroom and hope the sound doesn't cut it. I get there, play some of their stock songs and finally my own audio and man, it felt good. Damnit.

Before I knew it, HK$4888 was added to my credit card and now I had to lug this box with me.

"Well at least you got to tick this in your to do list!" you may say. What I learned is I have this need to complicate my life for some reason. Even though these speakers are out of my list, I now have the newly added item sort and organize speaker cables on table. Damnit!

Ok, I admit, my tone in this entry seems a bit negative but actually quite happy now with these speakers playing some Buddha Bar mix (not mp3, lossless audio, thank you very much).

Now my brain is thinking I wonder how these sound playing Max Payne 3.

Yep, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to Steam Sales, I purchased Max Payne 3 and started playing it the other day when I was hit with the flu (this is how I get sick, either nothing happens or all hell crumbles over me). I have to give mad props to the story-writers of this game, even though the only thing you're really doing is walking around shooting people, this repetitive thing isn't boring because the story is so good (graphics are fantastic!). It's literally like watching a movie and I have clocked in 5+ hours already over the last few days (being sick makes playing games seem so alright for some reason). If you're short on time, do not get this game. But if you're looking for some fun, this is a good game to get addicted to. At least you're getting addicted to good quality :)

Well 20 days before 2013 hits us. If the Mayans are correct, then good on them, I can think of these new speakers as FREE since I won't be paying any credit card bills :P otherwise, I'm looking forward to clearing off everything on my plate, 2012 has been a mad year really, and I can only predict more chaos in 2013. Just fingers crossed it's not choas Max Payne 3 style, now that would drive me nuts!

As an old man once said "I'm going to bed before everything aches". See ya!