30 July 2007

Pink shoes + Flying V

Oh man, oh man! I'm going crazy! I'm starting to realize how time flies and the good thing is I'm keeping track of what I've been doing which makes it seem like there's so much to do and so little time. I'm not talking about work or self-development, it's like I opened Pandora's Box of life's kick-ass-ness. Yes, I am excited today. Yes, I'm giving myself a break this evening because one of my meetings got canceled so I'm kind of burning up time doing stuff I normally want to do but never allow myself to do.... such as taking photos of my shoes!
Check out the totally pimped-out and ass-kicking pair of hot pink shoes I got myself!!!
Everytime I see these shoes it makes me laugh and happy. No matter how tired or exhausted I am, just putting on these shoes make me smile because I associate them with that crazy-happy moment I had when I saw them. I literally fell in love with them at first sight, I didn't care at all I had to have it. It was like when I saw a set of electronic drums (which I own now) for the first time, it was something I just had to had to had to have! It is so me, so hey look at me! but at the same time oh my god, you are a weirdo! :P At least it's a great conversation starter ;)

So, another great milestone in this month is my experience of being in the air, circling around Hong Kong in a HELICOPTER! That's right, I got flown around Hong Kong by one of my lovely clients (who really is a friend) for an hour on Saturday the 28th of July 2007. Oh man, what an experience! I got to see Hong Kong like never before (forget planes, this is totally different, you're in the front freaking seat!). I got to see parts of Hong Kong you totally could not go to without a helicopter and man my 4GB memory card came into good use that day ;) I really should upload all the photos somewhere but I'll figure that out later. Right now, just want to write it out because I'm bursting with "wowowwowowow" in my head! Ahh life is awesome :)

One year ago, I'd never imagine I'd be where I am right now, I must say, this month has been one life-changing month in many many but 99% positive ways. Anyways, I'm looking forward to what else is in store for me and so stay tuned! (Yes, I'm in a super duper cheerful mood right now, tired from work, excited about life, oddly!)

Update: Oh, and I've gone Bollywood movie crazy now :P Actually watched a whole 3 hour long movie last night (skipping a few of the unnecessarily over-dramatized scenes).


26 July 2007

Um, so like, yes, I missed it again

You know what? I'm not annoyed that I missed my Day 10 entry deadline because it's not because I was lazy. I really was working hard concentrating on a lot of things these past few days. A lot of new opportunities have opened up in my direction and all I can say is that I'm both happy and going mad thanks to all of them. I'm working overtime but with a smile on my face. For the last 3 days it's been feeling like I've been drowning mentally but today I'm finally able to come back up for a breath of fresh air.

You know what, you just have to ride through the tough times because you just can't stay down and depressed, especially when you're able to run around and not get crammed up in one place. I'm enjoying my life now because I'm able to achieve a lot of my personal goals as well as have finally found a routine that works pretty well for me (so far, fingers crossed, heh). And the cool thing is when you have friends to give you that slight bump to get you back on track, you feel invincible. So today's entry is dedicated to genuine friendship. I've said this once and I'll say it again, I'd rather have a few real friends than be popular because fame will only get you as far as your happiness and smiles will take you. When you're down and need someone to go out of their way to make your life better without benefiting theirs, that takes a friend.

The next time you feel you got a shoulder to cry on, really consider if that's a warm or a cold shoulder. The next time someone needs your shoulder to cry on, don't shoo them away. We're all human, we have ups and downs and boy will you be glad of the rewards. Right now, I can almost last a week without paying for my own lunches because a lot of people "owe" me lunches for helping them out. Not trying to brag, but just saying, when you synergize, we all win. Like one of the The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, think win win.

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16 July 2007

I missed the day 10 entry

Woah, 10 days already! Actually I'm a day late.

I tell you, boy oh boy does life change on a weekly basis. So much has happened and we're only halfway through July! Life is turning for the better because I've regained my self-discipline I kind of lost in the past 2 weeks. I'm beginning to realize the power of forced relaxation. I mean, I actually have to tear myself away from my room and get out so I can't find any excuse of being stuck in a rut of always sitting at my computer. Although I still occasionally find myself doing the same fucking routine all the time, I'm improving a lot.

So what is today's Day 10 entry topic? Relax. Don't sweat the damn small stuff so much. In many ways things happen for a reason and so should not trying so hard to accomplish stuff. I find that a day lost in just not working can equal in 2 days' worth of productivity the next day. I'm now watching at least one movie a week and it has really made me feel better because it's one of those things I always used to feel odd how I just could never get myself to do. Afterall, it's only like 2 hours out of a whole week's worth of time. I just finished watching Wall Street and boy was it a good movie especially now that I'm learning more and more about wealth management and stocks and stuff. It also shed a lot of light on life itself which really is a good thing because as I've said before and as people like Leonardo DaVinci said, you haven't really seen life unless you view it from at least 10 different perspectives. The more I take the time out to really evaluate myself and where I'm at, the more I realize what I need to do. Of course, sometimes I do find myself spending more time evaluating myself than actually getting things done, but it's better to think things through. In Sun Tzu's The Complete Art of War (History and Warfare) he says that A battle is won before it is fought that's something that was talked about in Wall Street as well as something I learnt when I was reading the book before.


Tomorrow is Monday and it's a week's worth of fighting and I'm ready for it so let the battle begin... afterall, I've relaxed all weekend :).

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05 July 2007

A breath of fresh air

Woah, what a day. In the morning it was sunny and bright, and halfway through lunch it was raining cats and dogs. My day has been flipping over and over like that, but in all positive ways. I'm actually quite exhausted now but I still got a few things pending that I really need to finish tonight. Man, it's at times like these you cherish being able to get off work and not care about it anymore. But at the same time, the freedom I have of being my own boss is also great. Heck, I got to go to the gym today while everyone was probably sitting at their deskjobs ;).

I don't have much to write for a Day 10 entry other than it takes a minute to change your life and recently that has been the case for me. Every since I got dumped by my ex-girlfriend and having found out that she cheated on me and lied to me for 4 months in the end, it's been a lot of one-minute ago I was like that, a minute later, I'm different. Very often in many self-help books and just in life in general, it's at times of failure and pain that you gain the most. How ironic, those who have a smooth sailing and always succeed actually lose out more in the long run. I guess that's the case for me, as much as life's going up and down, a lot has come out of it already :) And in my last entry I talked about filling up my half-empty glass with a better liquid, well how about taking away that old glass and putting a whole new one? How about that? It's just something I was thinking about, how we really need to look at the potential of a situation in more than the typical or the normal way. Why not strive to change the whole glass rather than fill it back? We wouldn't think twice before doing that in a restaurant, why not in life?

Speaking of restaurants, I enjoyed a lovely Sushi meal with my good friend Bun last night and boy was I stuffed. I haven't had a proper sushi meal in ages! Ahh well, it was good, I learnt a lot more about the different types of sushi as well as got to taste many variations of my favorite -- eel.

So all in all, the Day 10 lesson is that sometimes it's good to look at what you got and think of a totally non-traditional way of seeing it and improving it. Sometimes it'll work wonders :). Peace out.

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