30 July 2007

Pink shoes + Flying V

Oh man, oh man! I'm going crazy! I'm starting to realize how time flies and the good thing is I'm keeping track of what I've been doing which makes it seem like there's so much to do and so little time. I'm not talking about work or self-development, it's like I opened Pandora's Box of life's kick-ass-ness. Yes, I am excited today. Yes, I'm giving myself a break this evening because one of my meetings got canceled so I'm kind of burning up time doing stuff I normally want to do but never allow myself to do.... such as taking photos of my shoes!
Check out the totally pimped-out and ass-kicking pair of hot pink shoes I got myself!!!
Everytime I see these shoes it makes me laugh and happy. No matter how tired or exhausted I am, just putting on these shoes make me smile because I associate them with that crazy-happy moment I had when I saw them. I literally fell in love with them at first sight, I didn't care at all I had to have it. It was like when I saw a set of electronic drums (which I own now) for the first time, it was something I just had to had to had to have! It is so me, so hey look at me! but at the same time oh my god, you are a weirdo! :P At least it's a great conversation starter ;)

So, another great milestone in this month is my experience of being in the air, circling around Hong Kong in a HELICOPTER! That's right, I got flown around Hong Kong by one of my lovely clients (who really is a friend) for an hour on Saturday the 28th of July 2007. Oh man, what an experience! I got to see Hong Kong like never before (forget planes, this is totally different, you're in the front freaking seat!). I got to see parts of Hong Kong you totally could not go to without a helicopter and man my 4GB memory card came into good use that day ;) I really should upload all the photos somewhere but I'll figure that out later. Right now, just want to write it out because I'm bursting with "wowowwowowow" in my head! Ahh life is awesome :)

One year ago, I'd never imagine I'd be where I am right now, I must say, this month has been one life-changing month in many many but 99% positive ways. Anyways, I'm looking forward to what else is in store for me and so stay tuned! (Yes, I'm in a super duper cheerful mood right now, tired from work, excited about life, oddly!)

Update: Oh, and I've gone Bollywood movie crazy now :P Actually watched a whole 3 hour long movie last night (skipping a few of the unnecessarily over-dramatized scenes).



Blogger Unknown said...

great!!..i have a same colored nike shoes and i wear it whenever i go for party...looks great!

12 November, 2007 22:25  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

I think I've seen the pink nike shoes somewhere around here :)

13 November, 2007 00:35  
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