26 May 2007

New drums at 8am

Woohoo, I'm the proud owner of a new set of Pearl Session series drums! Ok, I admit, it's basically a new version of what I previously had so I'm not really "upgrading" but more like "renewing" ;P

I had to hit the road to Tuen Mun at like 7:45am this morning to go take a look at the drums and get them to my band room all the way in Tai Kok Tsui (between MongKok and Olympic). Normally, that'd be alright having to move all the stuff, but at 32 degrees Celcius today, it was torture! Part of me was thinking "what the hell am I doing? It's the same drums I have, just newer!" but the other half was thinking "well, at least it'll feel like I finally own a pair of drums that feels both new and mine". I've always been a 2nd-hand drums player so now I'm getting new drums, at the price of 2nd hand drums and don't have to re-adjust my drumming to suit the new drums. Hmm, I wonder if I'm making any sense here.

I'm so freaking tired now, my brain is trying to shut itself off but I'm too stubborn to let it do so because I don't want to lose my Saturday with sleeping. As much as I gained a lot by being up and awake at 6-ish in the morning, I want more! And speaking of more, I have quite a lot of work pending which is really eating into my Saturday which really was supposed to be my day of rest. Actually, speaking of rest, it's not so much that I've taken on too much work or badly managed my time, I've gotten rest during the week so in a way I'm compensating for it in the weekend which sucks in theory but works out practically. I have to say, I'm getting quite comfortable with my daily routine that I have going on before I officially start work, with my short bit of reading and stuff. I've been reading 1 chapter of The Complete Art of War (History and Warfare) every morning and I think I can assimilate the wisdom better. There are only 14 chapters, so I'll be done in 2 weeks :)

Can't believe it's another day 10 entry already. Time flies but like I said before, I only think that way because I don't actually try to remember all the 53083025805304538503 things I did within these last 10 days ;)

... and it's time to get back to work!

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