26 April 2007

Blogs help me make meaning over time

Very often we feel like the whole year zooms by us before our eyes and we only acknowledge this at the end of each year, very often finding ourselves repeating the same routine of saying "Wow, the year went by so fast!" without feeling like we accomplished anything significant.

I guess at times, I look back at the end of the month and feel like the month went by and I did nothing! But as we all know, 4 weeks is a long, long time and surely things must have happened, even if they were the same ol' same ol' things. Some people may have finished watching the whole series of a particular show, or others may have managed to clear their desks.

These may all seem like small little things but they're still accomplishments! We tend to only notice big ones like "Woah, I lost 10 pounds!" or something along those lines.

This is why journals are useful. At times when you feel like you haven't progressed, reading previous entries may shed light on how far you've really gone! I looked at my little notebook I use to keep track of my drumming progress and it brings a smile to me everytime I look at some exercises that used to totally stump me which I can breeze right through now :). I look forward to reading this entry 1 year later and thinking back what I was thinking today when I wrote this :P.

Right now, I'm at work, sitting at my desk, being completely evil by typing up this entry in my blog >:) because I'm allowing myself a short break between my bursts of work. I just learnt that in Flash CS3, they've re-engineered the way it imports .PSD and .AI files!! Woah, it's become so powerful now! I love it! I can't wait to give it a shot when I can give Flash CS3 a proper test for myself. I'm looking forward to getting my head wrapped around the whole CS3 series and their new features and eventually (and finally!) get Adobe Certified :) I'm confident I'll breeze through at least the Flash, Dreamweaver and Photoshop tests, however, Illustrator and Acrobat, I may have a slight problem with :(. Who knows? Well me, eventually because 1 year later when I re-read this entry, I'll know.

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Blogger Bun Mok said...

I read your posts everyday and i also click the ads (i try to click it at home and in office)

I love your posts, it's really you, and you described the feeling really well. You really have a strong ability to express yourself.

I feel like getting older and older. my memories are gone, and my legs are dying of knee pain.

Looking at your posts always make me feel like "wow. that's life. that's what a life should be, energetic, meaningful"

i have dropped down all those RTM and GTD stuff, i really wanna get them back, it takes alot of guts and energy to pick up those things again than starting them up from scratch. My lord please give me strength.

You are the reason that i learned so much more, you are the reason i created this blog and wrote journals everyday. you are the reason why i am getting more and more energized toward things.

thank you would not express all my gratefulness to you, but thank you man!

Keep it real!

27 April, 2007 00:37  

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