25 April 2007

Oops, I walked mountain again

Woohoo! I did it again, I managed to get myself out of bed this morning and hit the Morning Trail for a good start to my day. I must say, I'm feeling much better emotionally since Monday, I guess I just had time for me to calm down and be happy. I guess the early morning hikes really help as well!

Speaking of hikes, the term "walk mountain" is a direct translation of hiking in Chinese. I have this habit of directly translating Chinese to English if it sounds better to me. For example, when I go to an ATM machine to get money, I tell people I'm going to go "press money". When I go for a walk up the mountain, it's "walk mountain". Well, I like calling them that, even if you don't :P.
Tomorrow's the big Day 10 entry and to be honest, I have no real words of wisdom for tomorrow's entry, well none yet. I haven't been reading much and not really been enriching my life in that sense, but I do have to say I've been reading the book The Best a Man Can Get: A Novel that my girlfriend lent me and it's the first non-fiction and non-computer related book I've read in years!! As much as every now and then I feel like I'm not really learning from it, it's still good, lets me enjoy a good read with no strings attached and no software to learn along with it. I'm almost done with it and aim to finish off the last 40 pages by this weekend.

Anyways, let's see if I stumble upon some great ideas for tomorrow's Day 10 entry :). As I've come to realize recently, a lot can happen in just 24 hours.



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