15 April 2007

New printer - designs, here I come!

I've finally got a new printer, the lovely Canon PIXMA MP530 All-in-one. Ah, no more HP PSC2310! I'll admit, when I got the HP printer, it was worth it and pretty good, but after the years and all the hassles I've had with it, not to mention the crazy ink prices, I think it's time I moved on and went with another brand. Alongside my Canon Powershot A640 digital camera comes this new printer and all I can hope for (fingers crossed) is that it works perfectly!

Lugging the %@#$ Canon printer home was no joke but once I got it back, set it all up and printed my first document, I was all smiles! The text was sharper than I'd ever seen coming out of my old HP printer. Speaking of that old printer, I'm probably going to see what I can do with it and use it as a secondary printer or a spare or something, I really don't want to just get rid of it, but the damn scanner keeps getting jammed to the point I'm sick of having to wake up every morning hoping the printer wont screw up. Sheesh, especially not when I'm tight on some deadline or thought I'd print out some drum tabs so it's easier for me to learn!

Yikes, today's the big Day 10 and I've actually been so busy I don't have much to say other than Brain Sync's Positive Thinking audio is more depressing than anything else! Every time I listen to it and I'm in a crowd, it feels like I'm in a movie, some artsy movie where you don't hear the people in the scene but a very dream-like soundtrack playing and a voice over telling you how life feels so empty. I really don't know if I should keep this up but I'll give it another week. The last time I properly heard the whole 30 minute track, I ended up coming home feeling pretty down and meaningless. I mean I'm greatful for what I have, but at that moment, I just felt like such a loser, just doing the same ol' same ol' everyday, going to work, coming back, trying to get stuff done, then going to sleep. Sometimes I really don't know if I should see this as a blessing or as a curse -- my need to make meaning sometimes really drains me out because I just wish at times I would be satisfied just watching TV then hitting the sack. I mean, honestly satisfied, just not "Oh well, that was good enough" but more like "Yay, I enjoyed just doing nothing and watching that show and burning up all that time!" without the guilt of what I could have accomplished.

Anyways, let's see how things go now that I'm nearing the end of my full-time job and the world will be oyster once again! :D

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