25 June 2007

The colors of reality

Claude Monet (1840 - 1926) proposed that the painter should record the pattern of colors that fall on the retina and ignore the identity of the subject. This is quite an interesting thing as it is like telling a human to learn to be like a camera and only look at what they see as shapes and colors rather than actual objects. I remember when I was reading Drawing on the right side of the Brain it talked about just that. One of the first exercises was to take a picture, turn it upside down and try to draw it by focusing on the lines and shapes only.
I have to admit, I haven't been working on my drawing skills lately but all is not bad news! I've been reading Colour because I've always felt I lacked the ability to properly use color in my designs and drawings. This book is awesome! I love it (so far at least) because it's taught me more than stuff like what does a color usually mean and what colors compliment each other and stuff like that. It teaches me the concepts of color, their ability to change through interaction with each other and one of my favorite topics, optical illusions! It doesn't show you a bunch of generic illusions but actually explains to you what is happening and then you need to do some of the exercises to better understand what is going on. Hopefully before my next entry I'll be done with the book :)
Speaking of the book, I've been working on some paintings based on the knowledge I learnt from it. Check this out, my very first digital painting that I'm actually proud of:
I also bought my first books from Page One. I think it's time I really put my time and efforts into honing my design skills because I'm tired of always feeling inferior when it comes to my artistic sense. Hopefully I'll build all the confidence I need by the end of this year.
Ah, the end of this year. So much has changed already in just the past two months. Life is hectic but I'm loving it. I've been able to control my own time which has turned out to be a double-edged sword really because at times, my laziness or external temptations would throw me completely off my schedule and things will pile up and I get fed up and nervous because there seems to be so much to do! Then at the same time when i look back, the amount I've actually accomplished is awesome! The books I've read, the things I've learnt, the opportunities I've seized! Woah!
I've re-organized my shelves so that I can save as much time and effort as possible and still get my work done. I've really turned into a productivity junkie which is good and bad because I can get more done but that also means I often end up trying to accomplish more than is possible. I guess in its own way it's good because I keep trying to explore new ways to do the same thing and see if it makes it better. Hey, at least I know I'm not going insane since the definition of insanity is trying to achieve different results from the same thing :). I'm simply trying to get the same results by doing different things.
Anyways, it's Monday morning and I have the whole week ahead of me, I look forward to clearing my to-do list and making the most of every chance I can get my hands on. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Vivek, if u're determined to learn more about arts, crushing the undergrad classes of hku's fine arts department is a good idea, given u live so close to the campus. every class there're often 60-120 students in the lecture room/ hall, so feel free to come!
(http://finearts.hku.hk/home/undergraduate/?p=undergraduate) there're a dozen of non-Chinese students so u won't feel out of place.

you can also crush the fine arts departmental library (http://finearts.hku.hk/home/resources/?p=library) --- no student id check / required. u'll find thousands of fine arts books / manuals on colours, cultures, arts, etc..... the only drawback is that u can't borrow them but only use them into the lib.

17 December, 2010 07:59  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey there! Thanks for all this information! Ahaah I've actually got myself all lined up with things to do and lectures to attend, starting with MaD in early 2011 and a bunch of other ones as well..
Thanks for the info about the fine arts department library too! I'll put it on the list of places to visit. I'm fine with not being able to borrow books, I go to the HK Central Library Arts Resource center which is all reference only and have a ball going through books!
Thank you for this! :)
Happy Holidays!

19 December, 2010 22:52  

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