14 February 2011

Slow Bunny Evil Uncle to you too!

Woah, this weekend has been hectic like mad! I've managed to burn out, recuperate, burn out and recuperate all in 3 days' time! Ahaha So this past Friday, ever since comedy in Hong Kong was featured on local Hong Kong television, TakeOut Comedy and the comedy scene has taken a sharp jump! We had a Chinese comedy show this past Friday on 11 Feb 2011 and it was the first ever FULLY SOLD OUT show! The last time it sold out was at my one-man show back in 2008, but this show was awesome! The best thing is that the whole audience was on fire and ready to laugh from the get go, so in return, every single comedian of the night killed! Even our 2 new debut performers killed! All the comics were still shaking from the joy to the point we hung out till like 5am and I literally couldn't sleep till 7:30am! The funny thing is the next day I had another gig with the Chinese comics over at the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association where we had a great show too! It was a different show but still very satisfying. After that I was really burnt out... I hung out with a friend for a while and eventually when I got home I just crashed on my bed and watched 2 movies back to back. Black Swan and Scarface. Two very different movies but exactly what I needed because I was totally burnt out.

Then the next day I conducted my 1st ever Stand up comedy workshop at TakeOut comedy. I'd already taught 4 classes before in association with New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, but this was the first time over at the comedy club. It was exhausting but very satisfying! It was great to see some students approach me after class to give them guidelines and pointers of where they can go from here so fingers crossed that the Chinese crew will grow every stronger! :)

Other than comedy, everything else in my life has had to be on hold. I haven't had a chance to even touch my drum sticks at home nor practice anything. Normally I'd at least try to compensate with a bit of mental practice, but since I've been so mentally burnt out, it's no point. Even today after the class, I could feel my head was exhausted. You've ever felt your brain feel stiff?

And finally, I'm here, my emails still overflowing, my to do list still long and my brain still tired. But I guess I've reached another new milestone (read challenge) in my life where it's all about keeping up the endurance and making sure I don't crack and throw everything down just to walk away for a bit. I'm confident after 10 days in my next entry, things will calm down a lot. And if by then they don't, well I think I'll be very used to it so I'll know how to deal with it better.

All I can say is I'm glad to finally see the seeds I sowed long time ago reaping me rewards now. All the time I spent refining the way I work so as to be efficient is really paying off. Otherwise I'd have lost my mind a long time ago. Now if only I got to the point where I could type with my feet at the same time, then we're really talking!

Nonetheless, I hope the new Year of the Rabbit has got you off to a great start, with wheels turning and gears moving and those dreams slowly (but surely) coming true. I can foresee 2011 as being seriously mad for me, but I sure as hell am looking forward to my entries in Dec 2011 when I look back and just go.... "wow" but with a smile on my face. Good night.


03 February 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Woah, talk about timing, my Day 10 entry lands on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year! Woah! So let me start by saying I wish everyone fantastic health, a whole bunch of laughter and all those lovely dreams coming true!

It's been an intense last 2 weeks and I'm glad it's this time of the year when I can finally just slow it down and get back on track. I was re-reading a whole bunch of my journal entries from a month ago and man I was all psyched up with the new 2011 year, things were going nice and smoothly and then all hell broke loose (as expected) and now I'm trying to get myself back on track, got a whole pile of to do's lined up so happy new year to me! Ahaha.

So I went out for a bit today and usually all the stores near my place would be closed at least today but oddly many of them were open today. I mean, I realize that most of them have changed into supermarkets and convenient stores, but man it was weird seeing the street seem like the same as any other day. For some odd reason I was in a real big mood to go to the gym today and you guessed it, the gym's closed today, but luckily it's back to normal tomorrow so I'm psyched to get some exercise on. I've been eating so badly lately that I literally have sugar cravings, like last night I just went nuts and got a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, just because.

On the other hand, I finally got my new table all set up and the wires tied up so everything looks neat and tidy. Now I have 2 work stations, one for my web/general work and another for nothing but comedy/creative writing. Speaking of comedy, Hong Kong's Chinese television channel TVB Jade will have a documentary this coming Sunday on Sunday Report (星期日檔案) at 7:30pm, so check it out! :D

So let this Chinese New Year be a great start for everyone and consider the 1st of Jan as your rehearsal and this one as the real deal! Now go out and make the most of it! :D