03 June 2012

The whirlwind

Well, well, well. Things have really gone for a big spin since the last entry. I've performed comedy in Malaysia at the PJ Laugh Fest, Singapore for Asia Stands up @ Comedy Masala, Hong Kong for the usual shows as well as Shenzhen last night. All in a matter of 2 weeks. This is nuts! But a good madness.

I have to admit, I have been completely overwhelmed with work and gigs recently that I have had absolutely no chance to stop and smell the roses. It's a sad shame when I'm in my room, exhausted and I see the clock has 5 minutes before I need to be in bed if I expect to not wake up a zombie. It's worse when I look up at all the books I used to read (namely Think like DaVinci) where it constantly encourages you to realize that it's all about smelling the roses.

I guess speaking of smelling the roses, one thing I will always feel I missed out, is watching one of the bands I grew up listening to -- Beastie Boys. MCA of the band passed away which means I will never get to experience the full group in person but hey, at least it's reminded me to get Beastie Boys back in my playlist. I still remember saving up so much money so I could afford the album Hello Nasty because I was blown away by their track Intergalactic. Ah well.

So today's Sunday and I finally got a chance to breathe. I've allowed myself half a day of relaxation and now I'm on the bus going home, ready to tackle through all my to do's (giving myself a headstart by enjoying a little blog time). I've restarted watching my Seinfeld sitcoms and man, that is a great show. Just so...relatable and entertaining!

Well, as you can see, this post has been mostly about comedy, which I've come to accept has officially become 50% of my life. The last time I went though my Seinfeld episodes, I was only a comedy-amateur and now watching this show again after almost 5 years of stand up performance experience, I'm starting to notice small details about the show. Small things like how each scene, no matter how short or long, always seems to feel complete, much like any joke. You can't leave the audience hanging when your bit is over. Hmm. I've also started writing down ideas I have if I ever made a TV show like this. After all, when I used to write some of my first bits, I was nowhere close to being (or even thinking I would one day be) a comedian :)

Anyways, time to get off the bus! Happy 10 days! Lots in store for me! :D