24 September 2018

Mid-Autumn madness before I turn 36!

Well, it's that time of the year as I count down to turning another year older. This time, we hit the big 36 years of surviving and thriving on this planet!

How have things been? It's been good and very, very busy with our Laugh Festival.

I'm slipping in this quick write up because I'm catching up on everything that has been waiting all along since I've been absolutely swamped running the festival... oh #laughfestivalhk ! :P

Well the cool thing is Hong Kong has been enjoying a bunch of very diverse comedy shows but also had to deal with a crazy T-10 typhoon Mangkhut that forced us to postpone shows and people to literally have to deal with new hurdles on their life's journey.

Otherwise, things are as hectic as usual. I was hoping to treat myself to some gaming tonight before I turn 36 but looks like the only game I'll be playing is Empty-the-to-do-list! Ahaha...

Well I won't be long but just wanted to say this is last call to catch a big range of comedy shows that's left in the festival so check out the comedy schedule here.

Have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and see you in 10 days!