26 March 2017

Time to rock it out

so we're down to the last 1 week before I head out to Melbourne then go to Kuala Lumpur for shows for a whole month! This stuff excites me but also makes me try to pre-plan 1 month ahead which is really, really draining.

So last night we had an awesome Viveknfriends Cantonese comedy show with our brand spanking new audio and light set up. Other than a few issues here and there (thank you ToaBao lights for breaking down on me), it was a very high quality production I must say.

Other than with my band guys and our band room, this has to be the highest production I've done Audio and Visual-wise ever in terms of shows.

And to give you a sense of how fun our show was, here's a 360 degree photo courtesy of fellow comedian Seamus Yim:

And with that, I can only say, in the next 10 days, I'll be in Melbourne!
And in case it doesn't load for you, here's a direct link.  So let's see how much madness I can get through before I get to treat myself to a nice crepe before hustling the crap out of myself to get people to watch our show!

Have fun!

15 March 2017

Then last mile begins

Well, it's time. I'm down to my last 2 weeks in Hong Kong before heading off to Melbourne for the comedy festival and plunging into the super high risk world of having Cantonese comedy shows nightly for 2 weeks.
That means I have to do every single thing I need to physically be present at done or else everything will have to wait for a month before it can happen (at least still having me involved that is).

The cool thing is, having done this a few years, I know pretty much what to expect and can be pretty well prepared for it, but it still is tough being out of Hong Kong for 3 whole weeks.

On the other hand, a lot of progress this year. My fitness has improved (yay finally!) and I'm snatching 40kgs (ie. 10kg plates on each side) which again is a record for me and probably a warm up for others...ahah.

My work is going well, got a few projects I need to sort out, but comedy-wise, we just invested in the Yamaha DBR-10s so we no longer have to be limited by whatever crappy speakers venues have. A huge investment in both money and also figuring out how the hell I'm going to store it as well as move it to the shows each time lol.

Otherwise, I literally have nothing to say (maybe I'm just a bit mentally exhausted...)

Well enjoy your next 10 days!