15 March 2015

The 3 sides of the triangle

I've recently been noticing a recurring pattern in my life whereby I always seem to have to somehow balance/compromise between 3 different things in life. Lately, it's been:
  1. Getting enough time to rest
  2. Getting enough time to work/gig
  3. Getting enough time for myself/exercise
I've noticed that I can't seem to get all 3. Like if I want to get enough rest, I have to either give up me-time or work-time. If I want to work as much  as possible as well as have enough me-time, I usually don't get enough sleep/rest (ie. I end up staying up late reading in bed...).

I guess it's that same scenario with work where you have the 3 sides of the triangle:
  1. Quality
  2. Speed
  3. Cost
 Like if you want something cheap and quick, you have to sacrifice quality. If you want it cheap and high-quality, it'll probably have to take a long time and be set as a low priority to be worth its while...

Very interesting how this has always seemed to be the case, especially since I've been reviewing some of my journal entries and realized this and it's always been one of those cycles where sometimes I'm so busy I barely have time to register what is going on while making sure I'm well rested.

Well I have less than 2 days before I begin my insane adventure of 6-weeks of comedy. I must say I'm very excited, very nervous and very "it hasn't registered in my head yet" right now. I don't know if I'll be super busy while I'm away or trapped in my hotel room for most of the time. Not sure if I'll get homesick (never left HK for that long!) or realize this is where I should actually be!

And to that, I say, enjoy the next 10 days, let's see what happens for all of us!