22 December 2013

GoodBio 2013!

Well, it's that time of the year when everyone wraps up and prepares to welcome the new year ahead. So far, I've been counting down to the last day of 2013 as I try my best to start 2014 with a clean slate in preparation for yet another awesome year (well fingers crossed).

First, I've recently been indulging in a lot of audio book loving because I've got this rekindled interest in biographies, but as you guessed, I don't have the time to sit and read a book. Instead, now I enjoy my books while I'm on the go with my good ol' pal Audible. I used Audible a while back but stopped because I hated how I kept listening to books halfway, then would be so overwhelmed with work, that I'd forget what the first half of the book was talking about when I continued. Nowadays, I've replaced most of my music-playing with books as I've been mindfully trying to notice all the moments I have during each day where I could technically be listening to a book. Other than the times when my brain is fried or I lack sleep, any moment I'm on the go, is a good time for audible.

I recently enjoyed the book Masters of Doom which is basically the history of the creators of the epic game Doom. After learning about the story of the two Johns, a lot of my gaming experience started to make sense, why Quake 3 sucked and how I was soooooo hooked onto Quake 2 because it was that crazy online experience and mad graphics that blew everyone's mind.

I'm currently listening to A. Lincoln: A Biography and I have to say heaaavvvvyyy stuff! Woah, I find myself rewinding a lot of the time because the stories are quite complex. Though it definitely is refreshing to see Abraham Lincoln from a normal person point of view compared to the usual great figure that he is often portrayed as. Don't get me wrong, I think the guy is awesome, but what I was looking for was the story of his life, the part where he was just another person that existed.

So 2013 has been a crazy year (as expected) and it sure is ending with a bang. I'm glad to see that I'm finally going to have a few days where my schedule isn't stupid packed. I've got a whole bunch of things I want to do before the year ends so it becomes a semi-habit when 2014 kicks in. As usual, I like to start any new year's resolutions a couple of weeks before the new year hits because it gives me a little beta period to work things out.

I've also been trying to get myself to play a few more computer games (not to mention Steam is having its Christmas sale!!! Wahoo) and well I got to enjoy Bioshock Infinite and man oh man that is a good game! Seriously. The storyline is fantastic, I felt like I was watching a movie most of the time while being able to engage in the forward moving of the plot.

Well, I also got myself Farcry 3 which I'm hoping to be able to start playing in the next few days.

I've found ever since I started playing games again and listening to audiobooks, my creativity has improved. I suppose it's like going on a trip and coming back super inspired. Every time I play those games, it allows me to go into another world, away from to do lists and emails and just focus on a certain adventure. Then when I come back to my daily tasks, it's like I returned from a mini-vacation :) Nice.

So here's to a Merry Christmas for everyone, may your days be like adventures in a game where every problem is there to keep things exciting, not annoying. May 2014 rock out for you all, too!