29 July 2017

Technically I was a good boy

So the HK Ani-Com Fair is going on and I have successfully not allowed myself to go for it (well I've never gone before) because I know they'll have some weird promotion or "limited edition" toy or game device that I'd be like "ohh I could use that". So pat on the back for me.

But I've been eating badly, sleeping late and not sticking to my diet or fitness regime, so slap on the wrist for me. I think I've found that at one time, I can only have 2 consistent items on my list. Basically things that need consistent attention/practice/discipline. Like I can practice my drums and work on my diet but then once I introduce a 3rd item like my fitness regime, things start crumbling. So in other words, it's at most 2 "work on this now" items at a time. Of course, with fitness and diet, this is a forever item, but I'm referring to actual practicing, like my olympic lifting. Once I want to work on that it requires consistent practice.

On a brighter note, it's Saturday and as much as I'm totally swamped with work, I can get some stuff done then lock myself down tomorrow and get it all sorted. It's been a whirlwind these last few days with so many sudden things popping up, and that brings me to my diet and fitness totally taking a beating. When I have a long crazy day, but the time I find the time, my brain is so fried even if I went to the gym I'd probably look at the dumb bells thinking, nah, there's no need to lift that. And when I'm at home, after a long day I keep thinking "I deserve a treat" and by treat it ends up being half a packet of doritoes (not the small packs!)

But nonetheless, I've become much more confident in dealing with this stuff, as in I know one way or another I'll get it done, just a matter of how painful or tough is the process. So #mature I guess?

I've also become a big fan of keeping up with the US news and politics, I feel bad for America, so many crazy things going on, but the more I follow the news, the more I realize why people can be so pessimistic about life in general at times. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "oh don't complain people"... I'm just saying for the sake of your own sanity (well my sanity), I have to try to look away and remember the good things that are happening. Heck, even simple things like "wahoo! I got the train immediately" jsut to make sure i don't end the day thinking, "why bother being here?!"

And well, hopefully in 10 days time, I'll have sorted out a lot of big issues and things stabilize a bit more for me.. seriously can't be eating like this, but oh fatty salty foods..why are you so tempting when I'm stressed out!!! RAH!!!

Happy 10 days guys!

19 July 2017

The summer is slipping by

So it's been raining a tonne lately and I have to say, it's making everyone around me gloomy. It's raining enough to slow down your day and keep the skies dull but not enough for the HK Observatory to feel it's dangerous to go outdoors, so you're going to work and meetings with wet socks on a daily basis.

With my getting sick a week ago, my whole schedule went upside down and I've been playing catch-up for the last forever. I must say, 2 things that can ruin all my motivation to get anything done is having too many "unfinished" items in my to do list for too long (ie. incomplete for over 3 days) and a very messy desk/room. Right now I have both of them and it's terrifying because no matter how much I try to discipline myself or remind myself "focus on each task, don't worry about the big picture", it just creeps back into my head and makes me go "oh man this list never ends!"

Speaking of never ending lists, man there is so much stuff I want to watch nowadays and so many games I want to play! And Humble Bundle having their TellTale bundle isn't helping at all you know.
Netflix won't stop adding good content and I have yet to organize all my own media (not to mention the backups of photos and videos of my own). Oh why won't there be a long holiday for a change? Somehow my weekends just zoom by.

Anyway, but someone did ask me "would you rather be busy like you are now, or have nothing to do?" and man I must say, at the end of the day, I much prefer ending my day looking back and seeing how much I've progressed, accomplished and grown in just the last 24 hours. I try to make sure I leave 1 hour of total down time for myself before I sleep because even if I don't, I end up taking an hour to wind down and fall asleep anyway, so it's not really any different.

Well the good thing is I get to stay home all day today and just work, which means I have the next 12 hours to burn through my to do list and hopefully get it down to an acceptable amount and end my day with an extra big smile on my face :)

And if possible, even clear my desk! I bet half of these papers need to be thrown away....

Well enjoy the next 10 days, I'm hoping the fact that it's actually not raining today is a good sign of a fresh beginning! :)