13 September 2007

Lots of new things, too many new things

Time flies when you're having fun or are just busy. Lucky for me, I've been having both so who am I to complain? It's Thursday and it feels like I can't even recall living through Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm mentally fatigued but I'm still charged up enough to live :)

Today may be day 10 but I'll keep it simple this time. Life's not about avoiding the hassles and problems, it's about dealing with it the best you can. Right now I have to deal with a lot of issues both personally and professionally. I'm feeling the strain but I know it can't kill me as much as it may exhaust me. I know today's pain is tomorrow's reward so I can only stay as focused as I can and keep going.

They say, the road to insanity is when you try to achieve a different result from doing the same thing. I've caught myself on the brinks of insanity quite a few times but each time I manage to pull myself back and rethink my strategy which has taught me that it's never too late to evaluate your situation. I'd love to throw everything away and start all over but we all know life's not like that. So here I go for another 10 days before I'll be posting back here and I sure hope I can find the spare time to speak of my progress as a human being. Until then, I wish everyone who has decided to open the door to the unknown by taking better control of their life all the success in the world. Good luck... us!

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