15 August 2007

...but when it's your baby...

Woah, It's been 10 days already? Well not really since I was late last time. Speaking of being late, I'm 1 day late again :\.... sigh. Work has been hectic and I'm slowly realizing the power of being messy. A lot of stuff is happening to the point I'm excited but exhausted at the same time. By 8pm, I really am mentally dead because I've had to deal with so much stuff it's not funny. I'm loving my freelance life but now that it's really picked itself up, it's quite a challenge. In the time I've returned to my freelance life, I've learnt so much it's not funny! One thing I've recently realized is the power of putting yourself as busy on MSN. A lot of people don't just chit chat with you anymore. Sure it makes working a bit dull but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. It's already Wednesday and I'm working uber hard to keep myself on track so I don't find myself working into the weekend.
I'm slowly learning how I'm most efficient and that is when I've had an early start and planned my whole day out and all my goals I want to accomplish. As much as there are many times I encounter things I never expected, at least it keeps me focused. Another thing I've realized is that I need good music. I'm not saying my metal is bad, but I need to know what music does what to me. When I need to think, I need proper music that really opens my mind. Today I was listening to the original Phantom of the Opera and I was totally inspired. Like as I listened to it, I felt like I was on stage and it was my time to perform! I think I need to get some more music like this and really get my work process right and have it all mapped out so I know what I need to listen to for what job.
Anyways, so what's today's day-10-worthy-topic? Well that life is tough but often the road less traveled is the road worth traveling. I could have easily stuck to a 9-5 job but in its own way I love this life now. I can control my day's fate and as much as self-discipline is a very, very important issue here and I have to admit I have slacked off a lot when I really shouldn't, but it's just that control that I love. If I need to be out today, I will be out. But anyways.
I have to say, now that my workload is increasing, I have to learn and grow and expand myself a lot, I have to change my processes. My old ways just don't cut it anymore and I can't keep doing this. The only issue is that I'm really so fully loaded that it's hard for me to find the time to learn of new processes so I can improve my own! Catch 22! So do I sacrifice work time so I become better for the future? Or do I get what I have now done first? Ahhhh..... wish me luck :)

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