06 August 2007

Ahaha I'm getting worse

Ahaha, day 10 was 2 days ago, but oh well. So what has been up with me you ask? Well let me ask you back, who are you?! Seriously though, I'm curious to know who's actually reading my blog so leave me a comment or something with a I was here so I know I'm not just talking to myself!

Boy, life has been hectic, so many things going on and I'm slowly losing it! The cool thing is all the stuff I've been developing, work processes, skills, connections, etc. are all paying off now! If I didn't have all this from before, I'd be so lost right now! So anyways, I have been slacking off on my reading partly due to too much work coming my way and the other reason is because I've just been lazy. Lately, when I've been traveling, I just enjoy the chance to stare into the dead space and let my mind draw a blank. In it's own way it's nice! I mean it really lets me digest where I'm at and where I want to be. I used to be so busy walking uphill that I didn't stop to appreciate how far I felt and also make sure I'm still heading the right direction! I think that's something I've realized more and more. You know how when you work out, your muscles actually grow the most when you're not working out! When they're recovering! So all you gym freaks who lift weights daily and try to target the same muscle group 24/7, stop! Anyways, sometimes I just need to not let myself work so I can get more work done when I do come back. I'm trying my best to pull myself away from even thinking of (let alone doing) my work on the weekends, Sundays are quite easy because my mind tells me I should be taking a break, but Saturdays are still tough because a part of me is like "let me just finish this then I'll stop" but this never ends, it starts with 1 email, then a few more tweaks to some code, and maybe a few more touch ups to some graphics.... and boom! I'm back to square one working like I did during the week!

But anyways, one thing I must say is I'm loving the freelance life, not because I can be lazy, far from it, I'm actually working harder than before, but I'm working under my control and for myself, for my future! I'm creating something of my own which feels sweeter than any high-flying job could offer (but then again, I haven't had very many high-flying jobs other than going on the helicopter :P). However, I do admit, I think I'm going to need to stop and re-access where I am at and where I want to be, it's already August and I'm nearing my birthday which brings me to my personally-set deadline of wanting to do so much before next month! So to the me one month from now, good luck! :D

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Blogger Bun Mok said...

i'm here man, i am here.

14 August, 2007 00:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i read

17 August, 2007 14:20  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Ahaha you all rock :D Thanks for the comment!

19 August, 2007 14:42  

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