06 May 2011

The right way to write

Well these last few days have been witness to me reaching burnout points where I was borderline PMS-ing as well as those 'ah ha' moments where ideas just seemed to flow without any effort.
I've been trying to work out a better way of writing comedy because now that I've got more and more material, things are starting to get messy (again).
I've tried keeping all my ideas/writing/bits in Evernote and that has worked out very well... up to a certain point. After a while, I started having bits that were tagged properly but no proper version control over it. For anyone interested, Evernote is my first choice in writing down notes and ideas for comedy. I used to keep my trusty moleskin but I lost one of them and vowed never ever to let another idea of mine slip away. But as a writing program, it fails. Mainly because it isn't designed for that.

And so began my quest for the perfect writing tool.  I've been a very long fan of ommwriter. Yet, I suffered from the same issue where I'd write and then I'd store. But as I kept working on some bits, I'd start to lose the ability to control which version of what I've developed so far was the best. The latest didn't mean the funniest.
I'm a biiiiggg fan of the cloud so I tried online toolsl like 750words.com which being a great too to push and motivate, still lacked what I was looking for. And finally, I came across Ulysses. I'm still enjoying my trial period and so far this is fitting what I'm looking for. It gives me the peaceful environment that Ommwriter gave me, while allowing me to tag and organize my bits and also divide them properly so I know which ones are ready, which ones are still in the ranting stage, which ones are still just concepts. I checked out a few other ones, but so far this seems to be the best. The only drawback? Well it's an offline app, and as much as I can store my files on DropBox, it still lacks that "write once, see everywhere" feeling of things like Evernote. Oh well, let's see how I feel in 20 days when the demo period ends.

On another note, my band, Eve of Sin, had to say goodbye to our good buddy and vocalist who had to leave for personal and work reasons. It sucks because we've been playing together for over a year and it's hard to have that sort of friendship in bands nowadays. Finding a person with the right talent is enough of a challenge, finding someone who is cool to hang out with is even tougher! Oh well :) C'est la vie.

I'm sitting here taking a short break from the hectic workload and life I've been going through, preparing for tonight's comedy show (yay I'm alotted 30minutes!) at Fat Angelo's in Tsim Sha Tsui (enjoy my schedule here). Since I have 1 hour before it's time to get up and get funny, I think it's time to load up Ulysses and work out some magic. Who knows, I may use something tonight that I come up in the next 60 minutes! Tick Tock, chop chop!



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